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05 October 2015
Popular Pool Finishes

Having a swimming pool built in your home involves lots of choices. For starters you have to decide where the pool will be installed – outside or indoors? How big will it be? What style and finishes will go with your current property and decor?  And once it’s built, who will carry out the servicing

The interior finish of your pool will, in part, be determined by the type of pool construction; the other aspect is the ambience you wish to create - the choice will depend on the look, feel, and style you want for your pool.  For example, are you aiming for a serene paradise or more of an entertainment space for pool parties?  Making the right decision on the finishes will ensure your pool meets its functional use, is luxurious and stands the test of time, giving you years of pleasure before you even have to think about refurbishment.

Working with a skilled pool designer will ensure the creativity and finesse you’re seeking, but ultimately the decision about the interior finish of your pool is yours. By knowing more about the different finishes, you can make an informed choice. Here we cover some classic interior finishes.

Tiles are the most popular pool finish and with good reason. Tile finishes come in a range of materials including ceramic, porcelain, glass and stone. Thanks to their versatility and scale, tiles are available in virtually any size, colour, or shape you could hope for. They are hard wearing and with correct installation and maintenance, will most likely never need to be replaced.

Glass tiles will give your pool an exceptionally modern feel, with the glass magnifying light and creating an inviting iridescent glow that gives the water a unique aesthetic.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are equally popular because of their versatility. Individual tiles can be painted with unique, personalised designs. If you have a favourite design or family crest that you would like to feature, just ask your designer. Similarly, mosaics can be created almost anywhere on the pool interior using different shapes and colours.

The beauty of a tiled finish is that the interior does not need to be entirely tile-based. You can add a tile design or motif to any other type of finish – allowing you to stamp your individual mark on your pool.

Stainless steel
One of the most contemporary interior finishes is stainless steel which offers exciting possibilities. With its sleek, smooth surface, stainless steel creates an alluring minimalist look. Steel has one important advantage; it's lighter in weight than a concrete pool, so a good choice if you’re thinking about having your pool installed on an upper floor.  

While it's not easy to add design motifs or finishes to the material, stainless steel more than makes up for this by producing beautiful reflections in the water. Stainless steel finishes are among the easiest to maintain and service.

Natural Stone
Our clients tend to opt for tile and stainless steel finishes, but there are other choices, depending on the type of pool you have. While tiles are very popular and can be used to great effect on a wide variety of pool designs, they may not complement every environment. For example, your interior or exterior decor may be more suited to a natural stone. Smooth or textured natural stone is used widely for a variety of installations, including pool interiors. If you choose natural stone it is absolutely essential that you ensure that the stone chosen will withstand full, continuous immersion in water and is impermeable. Your pool designer will advise you.  

With a wide range of possibilities for interior pool finishes, it’s best to seek advice before making a final decision - contact us for assistance on this and any aspect of pool design and installation.

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