Welcome to the LSPC Design Hub which covers many aspects of the design and build of swimming pools and will expand over time to include spas and saunas and other wellness equipment.

Designing and building a luxury pool involves the imagination of the client who envisions the finished pool, the inspiration, creativity and technical expertise of the pool design team and many companies to provide high quality equipment and components to construct the pool. It is a true collaboration which results in a pool that not only takes the client's breathe away, but the plant room works like a Rolls Royce engine.

An infinite number of manufacturers and suppliers share their expertise and supply equipment to pool designers and builders - too many to feature here. So, in this Design Hub we are proud to showcase state-of-the-art products from some of the leading brands we work with to create beautiful and technologically advanced pools for private and commercial clients.

Our Design Hub contains product information, downloadable technical spec sheets, helpful articles and videos. It is a resource for professionals, including architects, designers and main contractors, as well as pool operators and managers who want more in-depth information on the design, build and maintenance of swimming pools. We will expand the content over time and welcome your feedback - if you would like us to include a topic that is not currently featured, please let us know.

We hope you find the information helpful. If you have any questions about our services or the products featured, please contact our design team.

Jamie Smith
Managing Director