February 2021
How long does it take to build an outdoor pool?

There’s an adage that states nothing worth having comes easily or quickly. This isn’t necessarily true 100% of the time, of course, but it certainly strikes a note when it comes to building a swimming pool because it’s certainly not something that can happen overnight. 

January 2021

With live exhibitions cancelled for the immediate future, SPATEX will boldly go where no show has gone before! It's making its global virtual debut on all laptops, desktops and tablets (no webcam or Zoom required) from Tuesday 2 - Thursday 4 February. Beam yourself up to explore and engage in 2021’s fascinating new world of water leisure and seek out the next generation of products and innovations.

November 2020
Working with water? SPATEX Virtual is the event for you

Fountains, water play features, swimming pools, spas and much more…There’s no greater starting point for architects working in a water-related project than SPATEX Virtual - the UK’s only dedicated international water leisure show, now entering its 25th year.

September 2020
5 Technologies Your Luxury Pool Can't Do Without

In the twenty-first century, we need technology to help us with almost everything we do in our everyday lives. Whether it is ordering food delivery, selecting our favourite music or managing a luxury swimming pool, technology will play a part in completing the task in the most convenient way.

April 2020
What does a luxury pool cost?

As one of the leading pool design and construction companies in the UK, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is “what is the cost of a luxury pool?”  If ever there was a “how long is a piece of string question” this is it!  It is an understandable query, because we are all used to getting instant quotes before deciding who to buy from, but in the case of a luxury swimming pool it requires in-depth discussion on requirements and expert input before a price can be given.  Do be wary of ballpark figures!

December 2019
LSPC Pools Win 4 Gold Awards

London Swimming Pool Company has won four Gold Awards for pool design excellence in the 2019 UK Pool & Spa Awards!  The annual awards show cases the very best swimming pool and hot tub design and build projects. LSPC won Gold Awards for Outstanding Pool Design, Luxury Pool of the Year, Indoor Residential Pool of the Year and Outdoor Residential Pool of the Year.  Take a look at our winning pool designs.

October 2019
Tech innovations for your pool

Decades ago, opportunities to make a swimming pool really stand out were limited to small cosmetic changes or additions. Nowadays, pool owners have an enormous array of options that were previously the realms of fantasy.  Modern pools offer the chance to incorporate some seriously cool technology and make your pool a work-of-art as well as a fantastic addition to any property. Today, we're talking about innovations that joosh up your pool!

April 2019
Modern Art Meets Luxury Swimming Pools

If you are planning to adorn the walls of your swimming pool hall with a talking-point piece of artwork, you won’t have to stretch to a £70m David Hockney pool painting!  Instead, you can choose a stunning bespoke installation inspired by expressionists such as Wassily Kandinksy, Alexander Calder and Joan Miró for a drop in the ocean compared to a Hockney.

March 2019
Contemporise Your Swimming Pool

There are many reasons why you might want to remodel your current swimming pool. Perhaps you have moved into a property with a pool that is not suitable for your needs. Maybe your old pool is taking up too much garden space and downsizing is the answer. Although it might seem like a daunting job, with the right expertise and thorough planning, remodelling the pool can be achieved without major disruption.

February 2019
LSPC Scoops Double Gold and Silver SPATA Awards

Winners of the 2019 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards were revealed at the annual pool and spa industry gala evening held during SPATEX 2019,  the UK’s largest dedicated pool, spa and wellness show. Presenting the top awards was special guest Charlie Matthews, from Wasps Rugby Football Club. 

January 2019
10 Questions to ask when planning a pool

A swimming pool is the ultimate status symbol, adding both value and allure to your property. However, building a pool can be a significant undertaking. This means there are key questions to ask yourself before you break ground and begin construction.

January 2019
Bumper Awards Night with 10 Awards!

Five swimming pools and spas designed and built by London Swimming Pool Company won a total of 10 awards in the 2018 UK Pool & Spa Awards.

October 2018
How to make your pool 'Instagrammable'

Installing a pool on your property means you can enjoy a swim whenever you like, entertain guests on special occasions or just have a peaceful place to relax. However, it's also an impressive status symbol.

August 2018
Outdoor pools with moving floors

We've written several times about the benefits of moving floors for your pool. Instead of permanently sacrificing space to a new pool, space is made far more versatile. A moving floor will blend so well that you won't even be able to tell that the pool is there. However, it's important to stress that this innovative and effective technology isn't limited to the inside of your home – a moving floor can also be installed on an outdoor pool.

September 2017
Underwater Windows

Having underwater windows of acrylic-like plexiglass in swimming pools has become something of a trend in recent years. In the past, it was seen as something of a luxury, as swimming pools with underwater windows could only be found in the most exclusive of locations.

September 2017
Stainless Steel Pools

Stainless steel is a stylish, dynamic finish that, thanks to its versatility, makes it perfect for pool construction.  Stainless steel provides a number of different aesthetic options that are not usually available with other finishes.

September 2017
Pool Ventilation by Heatstar

With advances in technology, pool ventilation is now just one part of the environmental control required for today’s indoor swimming pools.  The key elements in pool environmental control include ventilation, air quality, dehumidification, air heating and pool water heating.

September 2017
Pool Surrounds

The material chosen for your outdoor pool surround is important both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Here we cover three types of material – concrete paving stones, natural stone, and wood – which come in a variety of styles to complement any style of garden landscaping.  When choosing the surround, the key features to consider are non-slip, non-abrasive texture for comfort underfoot and resistance to excessive heat absorption.

September 2017
Pool Hall Finishes

The finish can make or break a pool hall, and it’s important to make an informed decision when this happens. To help, we have assembled this short list of considerations to keep in mind.

September 2017
Pool Finishes - Tiles

Every pool needs a finish. A finish is what gives the pool its stunning appearance and own unique character. While the finish is influenced by the type of construction, there is a lot of choice and variety when it comes to creating a special ambiance.

September 2017
Pool Finishes - Glass

With pool design and construction technology advancing in leaps and bounds in recent years, materials which were once out of reach for those looking to commission a private pool are becoming increasingly affordable and accessible. Glass is one of the most dynamic and unique finishes available today. Whether you’re after a rustic, artisan look or clean, modern lines, glass is available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes.

September 2017
Pool Finishes - An Overview

The interior finish of a pool will, in part, be determined by the type of pool construction; the other aspect is the look, feel, and style the client is trying to achieve.  Is the client aiming for a serene paradise or more of an entertainment space for pool parties?  Making the right decision on the finishes will ensure the pool meets its functional use, is luxurious and stands the test of time, giving years of pleasure.

September 2017
Plant Room Considerations

The plant room stores all the equipment that controls the pool's operation and ensures it performs efficiently around the clock – this article looks at some of the key design considerations. Size/Space: Exactly how big the plant room needs to be will depend on the size of the pool, but making it as large as possible given the other constraints will be worth it in the long run.  Invariably we find that clients underestimate the space required, so it's important to establish the space requirement early in the discussion. This will avoid costly and time-consuming reconfiguration later down the line.  As well as making space for all the necessary equipment and storage of pool chemicals, the bigger it is, the more accessible it will be for future servicing and maintenance.

September 2017
Moving Floors for Pools

When clients think about a luxury pool, they imagine a space devoted exclusively to the pool; however, pools with moving floors have changed all that.  Increasing numbers of clients are choosing pools with a moving floor because of the space saving benefits.  Moving floor technology enables a pool to be designed and built with a floor that can be raised from the base of the pool to change the water depth and to cover the pool completely, sealing it off with a load-bearing floor.

September 2017
Counter Current Units

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor pool, if you’re facing size restrictions, it can be difficult (but not impossible) to use your pool for a rigorous workout. There is a solution that allows a client with a smaller luxury pool to get the same fitness benefits as a lengthy swim in a large pool.

September 2017
Heating Options

Efficient heating is vital to ensure that the swimming pool functions properly. The temperature of the pool can affect its performance in a range of ways, including its hygiene, water clarity and bathing comfort. In turn, pool heating can impact everything from the equipment bought to how often servicing is required. We take a look at frequently-used pool heating solutions and the type of pool to which they are best suited.

September 2017
Filter Media Choices

For healthy swimming, it’s vital that the pool water is always clean and properly filtered; this will not only prevent any potential waterborne diseases taking hold. There are different types of filter media from which to choose and we look at three.

September 2017
Energy Efficient Pools

Many clients want to have a more energy efficient pool to benefit from the lowest possible costs and because they are keen to minimise their carbon footprint.

September 2017
Automatic Pool Covers

If your client wishes to have an outdoor pool built and is conscious about energy efficiency, safety and low maintenance, recommending the installation of an automatic cover at the design stage is a good idea.  An automatic pool cover will keep the pool water free of detritus and garden debris which can drift into the water, and consequently will reduce the amount of time spent cleaning the water.