Ocea has been producing high quality slatted pool cover systems for 20 years, leading the way with continuous development of materials, production techniques and technology to bring innovative and elegant cover systems to the market. Ocea manufactures all its materials, guaranteeing the quality of its systems.

The automatic, seamless and elegant floating plastic slatted covers are a convenient solution for all types of indoor and outdoor pools. At the turn of a key or use of a remote fob, the pool cover silently floats over the pool surface either retracting into a hidden cover recess or unfurling gently across the pool.

Ocea's pool cover systems are manufactured in either contemporary polycarbonate, which are resistant to high temperature and unaffected by direct UV light, or made from traditional high grade PVC. Both ranges offer a selection of tasteful colours that complement any pool environment.

The covers provide a safe barrier to the water surface. The slats are buoyant, meaning they can withstand up to 80m2. The system is operated with the use of a key switch that can be removed allowing the pool to be closed when required. An added level of security can be achieved with the use of the safety straps, which act as a buckle for the pool cover, totally inhibiting movement of the pool cover. The cover systems provide an excludable

surface on the top of the pool, preventing 95% of water evaporation. Evaporation can be a costly problem when looking to maintain a pool as it changes the concentration of pool chemicals. It also contributes to some 85% heat loss. Together, these are two of the most costly pool maintenance issues thus the need for humidity and temperature control are key considerations for indoor pools.

The covers also provide a blanked insulation U-value of around 3.5W/m²K. The opaque pool covers combat algae growth by acting as a barrier to direct sunlight, inhibiting the photosynthesis that causes algae growth. In addition, the solar slats have minimal sunlight to pool contact areas.

There are four submerged configurations for the installation of the pool covers: flooded alcove, recess wall installation, recess floor installation and internal pool bench.

The pool covers operate via Ocea's Logic or Classic motor systems. The Logic motor system is fitted inside the cover roller, ensuring that installation space is minimised and there are no moving parts outside the pool. The cover roller is

immersed in the pool and supported with two brackets which are bolted to the pool shell. The cable for the motor passes through the pool shell and is covered in a plastic sleeve for protection. The automated cover system is operated via a key switch or RF controller and two sizes of motor cover a wide range of pool sizes and depths.

The Classic motor system is the traditional method for motorising an automated pool cover. It differs from the Logic motor in that it is mounted in a dry pit, external to the pool shell. Ocea engineered a stainless steel through-the-wall drive passage which uses a double bearing system and a double watertight sealing mechanism, making it watertight and easily accessible for servicing.

There are two options for edge covers - Edge Simple and Edge Bench. The Edge Simple is suitable for existing and new pools. The cover roller is located above the water level and supported by two stainless steel consoles mounted on the edge of the pool. Providing a clean look, the motor is located inside the cover. The Edge Bench covers slats hidden beneath the case of the Edge bench, allow solar protection for both solar and transparent slats.

Certikin International

Certikin is the largest supplier of wet leisure in the UK and amongst the top two suppliers of swimming pool equipment in Europe. Certikin is also a major manufacturer of a wide range of premium quality pool products, including underwater lights, heaters, liners, enclosures, skimmers, water circulation pumps and maintenance equipment. There is nothing under the wet leisure umbrella that Certikin doesn't sell. If you swim in a hotel swimming pool pretty much anywhere in the world, the chances are you will spot the name Certikin somewhere. Its reach is global.

Roldeck - stylish automatic cover

  • Complies with French Safety Standard NFP90-308
  • Reduces heat evaporation and heat loss
  • Enhances the safety of your pool safety lock available
  • Minimises pool debris
  • Made-to-measure
  • The standard white sections are popular for indoor pools. On outdoor pools the optional solar sections, with black bases promote high solar heat transfer
  • A distinct advantage of Roldeck is that rainwater will pass through the cover, and wont 'pool' on top
  • Quietly operating, the roller system is powered by a 24-volt motor with remote operation from a lockable key switch

Coverstar automatic safety cover - the first name in safety

Safety is naturally a concern when buying a pool, which is where Certikin's Coverstar automatic safety cover comes into its own as it is the best in the marketplace. It is more than capable of supporting children, pets and even adults, should they accidentally walk on it.

Not only is it a world leader in safety, it can save up to 70 per cent on heating and chemical costs. The Coverstar keeps the bad stuff, like leaves, dirt and debris from getting into your pool whilst keeping the good stuff -heat, water, chemicals from getting out.


  • The Coverstar system is based on strength for example, the sliders, which are traditionally the weakest part of a cover system, are more than four times as strong as any other slider used in the industry.
  • Coverstar's exclusive heavy duty double row sealed stainless steel ball bearing pulleys have almost triple the load bearing capacity of single row pulleys used by other companies. No sheer pins or bolts are used in the Coverstar drive train, instead the system operates with keyways to provide maximum reliability. Within the drive train, Coverstar's exclusive Positive Shift Gear system completely disengages one gear before shifting to the other.
  • Rather than use the Industry standard vinyls, popular with other cover manufacturers, Coverstar supply the far superior Ultragard III vinyl composite in a range of colours. Ultragard has a high level of UV resistance to reduce the level of colour fading. Under test conditions, Ultragard III has been exposed to equivalent of approx four years of Florida sun and fading was shown to be negligible. It also offers high resistance to chlorine, acid, ozone, and other pool chemicals. Coverstar Ultragard III comes with a seven year pro-rata warranty and heat sealed webbing.


Fairlocks Pool Products is the exclusive UK distributor for the Covrex® range of automatic swimming pool covers. With over 40 years’ experience and innovation Covrex® is at the forefront of pool cover design.

This is no ordinary pool cover, it has several unique advantages including improved insulation, better safety and ease of installation. The Classic Covrex® system slats are solid, coextruded in one piece from polyurethane with expanded pvc foam, providing rigidity and can easily be shaped on site to fit all shapes of pool. As well as minimising evaporation and heat loss from the pool water surface the high density PVC outer surface also inhibits the growth of algae. It is backed up with a five year guarantee.

With safety in mind all Covrex® covers can be installed to satisfy the stringent French Safety Standard “NF P 90-308” 2006 edition.

All Covrex® covers use an “in roller motor drive” system that is controlled by a pool side lockable key switch or by a hand held remote. Nothing could be simpler.

For optimal strength and durability, we use a co-extrusion process of 3 different PVCs in the manufacturing of our pool cover slats.

Some of the key advantages of the worldwide patented Covrex® pool covers systems include:

  • Insulation: best insulating pool cover on the market
  • Life expectancy: longer lifespan thanks to the extremely high durability of the insulating slats (5 years warranty)
  • Resistance: the patented foam-filled slats are designed to resist the elements, such as hail, frost and a wide degree of temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C. Each drive system is manufactured using stainless steel 316L to avert rust formation.
  • Maintenance: easy to clean as there is no space between the slats for algae growth or dirt build-up.
  • Safety: Covrex® pool cover systems (with the correct options) can be used as a security cover (fulfills the rigorous French NF-P90 308 security requirements).
  • Shape: the covers can be fashioned to adopt many free-form swimming pool shapes (eg semi- circular).
  • Dimension: the roll-up diameter of the Covrex slats is the smallest on the market

Each system is installed by Fairlocks’ team of experienced engineers who also carry out the initial site survey to ensure a tailored fit. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor pools, the Covrex cover system is reliable, cost effective, easy and safe to use.