Certikin International

Certikin is the largest supplier of wet leisure in the UK and amongst the top two suppliers of swimming pool equipment in Europe. Certikin is also a major manufacturer of a wide range of premium quality pool products, including underwater lights, heaters, liners, enclosures, skimmers, water circulation pumps and maintenance equipment. There is nothing under the wet leisure umbrella that Certikin doesn't sell. If you swim in a hotel swimming pool pretty much anywhere in the world, the chances are you will spot the name Certikin somewhere. Its reach is global.

The Genie - a stroke of genius in pool heating

The Certikin Genie range of gas condensing heaters is unique in swimming pool heating. The Genie range delivers up to a staggering 94 per cent efficiency compared to standard direct fired pool heaters which typically operate between 60 to 80 per cent. The Genie features a water to water heat exchanger with cupro-nickel tubes to provide durability even on salt chlorinated pools.

  • Available in 20kW, 36kW and 49 kW outputs
  • Tamper proof lockable pool temp display in C or F
  • Running costs reduced by up to 30 per cent
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Modulating output for accurate temperature control and increased efficiency
  • For outdoor or indoor installations
  • Quiet running
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Pool connection right to left or left to right
  • Wall mounting kit available
  • Limited 2-year warranty


Bowman is the leading brand for swimming pool heat exchangers. Designed and built in the UK, they offer a highly efficient heat transfer solution for all pool types, from spas and hot tubs to Olympic sized pools - and just about everything in between!

The units are based on a thoroughly proven shell and tube design. The central core being packed with more tubes than most other products, enabling Bowman units to heat pools up to three times faster, reducing energy costs and Co² emissions.

Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers are renowned for their energy efficiency, long life durability, plus ease of installation. A comprehensive range is available to suit pool sizes from 40 Mᵌ up to 1,680 Mᵌ, offering heat transfer from 20kW to 1,170 kW.

Bowman EC120-5113-3 heat exchanger: pools

The EC120 is Bowman's most popular heat exchanger and is available with a choice of titanium, stainless steel or cupro-nickel tube cores. Designed for use with pools up to 130 Mᵌ (28,500 gallons) capacity, with up to 80kW heat transfer from 82⁰C boiler water, the EC120 features composite end covers and solvent weld connectors for easy installation directly into pool pipework and an integral 7mm thermostat pocket.

Titanium models have a 10 year guarantee*, making them the ultimate 'fit and forget' solution for heating swimming pools.

The EC120 is easy to maintain as both the end covers and tube core are removable making routine cleaning and maintenance easy and straightforward.

Bowman EC80-5113-1 heat exchanger : heating hot tubs and spa pools

Developed to provide an efficient and economical alternative for heating hot tubs and spa pools, the EC80 is Bowman’s most compact unit, yet still offers up to 25kW heat transfer and is suitable for pools up to 50 Mᵌ.

A high proportion of hot tubs are installed with electric heaters of around 3 kW output. Many users find this method unsatisfactory, due to long heat up times - often up to 24 hours to heat the tub from cold – plus the sharp increase in electricity costs.

The Bowman EC80 enables hot tubs to be heated from a domestic or commercial gas or biomass boiler - typically within 2-3 hours – significantly reducing heating costs and ensuring hot tubs are available to use much quicker.

Bowman EC160-5113-5 heat exchanger : renewable energy heat sources

Specifically designed for use with solar panels and heat pumps, the EC160 is a popular swimming pool heat exchanger for installations where renewable energy heat sources are to be used to heat the pool.

The multi-tube structure of the EC160 requires significantly less energy to heat the pool and is designed to operate successfully with the lower temperature water from solar panels and heat pumps. Suitable for pools up to 120 Mᵌ (26,000 gallons), with up to 75kW heat transfer from 70⁰C supply water to provide pool water temperature at 30⁰C.

The EC160 features composite end covers and solvent weld connectors, for easy installation. In addition to stainless steel and cupro-nickel, titanium models with a 10 year guarantee,* are also available. The unit is also easy to clean and maintain as both the end covers and tube core are removable.

*All Bowman titanium heat exchangers have a full 10 year guarantee on all titanium in contact with pool water.