Twinscape designs, engineers and installs custom made systems and offers service contracts, providing an onsite team together with local service providers. The company works all over the world in collaboration with pool companies, leading architects, planners, contractors and designers.

Clients choose Twinscape for its uncompromising commitment to excellence, state-of-the-art products and an integrity brought to all projects that is unmatched elsewhere. This, together with its unequalled experience, close attention to detail and highly skilled team makes Twinscape an ideal partner for London Swimming Pool Company when specifying a movable floor in the pool.

Variable depth swimming pool floors represent the perfect fusion of state-of-the-art-technology with functionality and beauty

Does your client want to maximise the use of their swimming pool area? You can create a swimming pool that also doubles as a dance floor or an entertaining room. A space that transforms seamlessly and safely from one function to another, doubling the floor area and adding valuable square meters to the property.


A swimming pool can be what the client wants it to be - simultaneously a deep diving pool, a child friendly shallow depth pool or a mid-depth pool for exercise and water games which can be completely closed for security. Twinscape works in partnership with pool designers/builders and architects to realise clients' unique and individual requirements.

Other Transformative Moving Pool Products

Twinscape also designs and manufactures a range of automated lifestyle-enhancing products that, similar to the Hydrofloors® movable floors, combine technology with performance and beauty. They include moving swimming pool bridges, submersible pool walls to divide the pool, moving spa covers, invisible pool covers, retractable fences, moving benches, moving flowerbeds, disappearing walls and so much more.

Pictured: Movable flowerbeds - when closed, the beautiful flowerbeds cover the pool.