Certikin International

Certikin is the largest supplier of wet leisure in the UK and amongst the top two suppliers of swimming pool equipment in Europe. Certikin is also a major manufacturer of a wide range of premium quality pool products, including underwater lights, heaters, liners, enclosures, skimmers, water circulation pumps and maintenance equipment. There is nothing under the wet leisure umbrella that Certikin doesn't sell. If you swim in a hotel swimming pool pretty much anywhere in the world, the chances are you will spot the name Certikin somewhere. Its reach is global.

Ladders - 1.7" /43mm - A Step Up

The Certikin 1.7" ladders are manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel and feature stainless steel anti-slip treads with a double width top tread as standard. The new Certikin pinch anchor gives a sturdy, secure installation on all types of pool surround.

Certikin Standard Ladder

Certikin Overflow Ladder

Certikin Tina Ladder

Certikin Club Ladder