Holland Aqua Sight specialises in the design, build and installation of underwater windows for private and commercial swimming pool and has completed a diverse range of beautiful projects for clients worldwide. Underwater windows create a spectacular focal point for a pool, adding an extra touch of luxury. Bathers can see outside the windows as they swim, keeping them connected with any social activity taking place around them, whilst people by the pool can watch them having fun in the water.

Holland Aqua Sight’s underwater windows are made of Acrylic Plexiglas which is 100% waterproof and can handle tonnes of water pressure so is totally safe. It provides crystal clear visibility – the casted solid blocks of Plexiglas have 92% light transmission, providing excellence brilliance. The panels will retain their high level of transparency and will not discolour over time. Due to its characteristics, the underwater windows offer superior clarity than glass.

Acrylic has significant other benefits over glass, for instance, the material is half the weight of normal glass, is much stronger and very resilient, so will not break or crack. Also, Acryclic Plexiglas is resistant to extreme weather conditions, making it equally good for outdoor pools as it is for indoor pools.

The Acrylic Plexiglas panels come in standard sizes, from 3000 x 2000mm to 3000 x 7800mm and are available in different thicknesses ranging from 20mm to 150mm. Panels can also be custom-made for clients. Plexiglas is incredibly versatile so can be made to fit different types of pool shapes, including curves. If a standard length is not suitable, prefabricated seamless panels can be made to accommodate non-standard sized pools. Whether using standard sizes or tailor-made panels, every underwater window design is unique.

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