Pollet Pool Group

Pollet Pool Group is an international supplier of pool products and components for both commercial and residential swimming pools and holds exclusive distribution rights to market leading products, two of which are Bayrol automatic dosing systems and the DAISY+ System. Apart from direct operations in Scotland, Dryden Aqua has appointed Pollet Pool Group as its exclusive distributor elsewhere in the UK for its technologically advanced integrated water filtration system, DAISY+ which operates with Activated Filter Media (AFM ®) at the heart of its operation.

The DAISY® System

The DAISY® System actually prevents biological growth, instead of permitting bacteria to grow to big populations and then oxidises them with large doses of chlorine. This is achieved with

  • the bio-resistant filter media AFM® - bacteria cannot grow on AFM® and biofilms cannot be established
  • optimised coagulation and flocculation - the system withdraws all possible nutrients from the water and prevents their growth

As a result the chlorine demand decreases by up to 80%. The less chlorine used, the less dangerous (volatile) disinfection are by-products are produced.

Traditional water treatment prevents disease transmission by using high concentrations of chlorine, UVc irradiation or ozone. However, the transmission of pathogens is a biological problem that cannot be resolved by use of chlorine alone. Instead of using more powerful disinfectants, the DAISY+ system treats the problem at source by making it difficult for bacteria to settle and for parasites to live and reproduce.

By approaching water treatment from a biological perspective rather than chemistry, the DAISY+ System provides clean safe water and air for pool owners and operators - pool water that is the quality of drinking water. The DAISY+ system also offers the added benefit of cost savings by conserving water, energy and chemicals.

Benefits of AFM at a Glance

  • AFM® filters much finer than quartz or glass sand
  • Everything that is filtered out does not have to be oxidised
  • No heterotrophic bacteria means no trichloramine and thus no off-putting chlorine smell
  • No pathogens grow in the protection of the biofilm, which means no diseases
  • It is ecological and economical - AFM® and the integrated Dryden Aqua system save resources such as water, chlorine and energy

SUEZ Purification and Disinfection Systems

Suez Purification and Disinfection Systems (SPDS) is a world-leading specialist in the design and manufacture of Ozone, UV and AOP water treatment systems. The company’s products are marketed under the triogen® brand which originated over 30 years ago and work globally.

triogen® O3 S for Private & Hotel Pools

triogen® O3 S is designed for water treatment of private and hotel swimming pools. Ozone provides exceptional disinfection with effective treatment against chlorine resistant micro-organisms, oxidation of various organic matters and flocculation of colloidal particles, which significantly improves water quality. The range consists of a corona discharge ozone generator and automatically regenerated air dryer unit which can be used in combination to give ozone outputs from 2–8 g/h.

The technology also:

  • reduces free chlorine levels
  • lowers chemical consumption and handling
  • improves algae control
  • minimises skin
  • eye and respiratory irritation for bathers
  • significantly improves water and air quality, and water clarity
  • reduces wear and tear to pool materials and structure

triogen® AOP for Private and Commercial Pools

The triogen® Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) uses a combination of ozone gas and UV light to form highly reactive hydroxyl free radicals, which enhances the decomposition of organic pollutants, and offers excellent pathogen control through the inactivation of chlorine resistant organisms.

The AOP system also:

  • reduces free chlorine levels
  • lowers chemical consumption and handling
  • improves algae control
  • minimises skin, eye and respiratory irritation for bathers
  • significantly improves water and air quality
  • reduces wear and tear on pool materials and structure

triogen® UV CF for Commercial Pools, Spas and Water Features

triogen® UV CF is a high performance medium pressure UV system for commercial pools, spas and water features. These certified systems provide advanced lamp and vessel efficiency with automatic and energy saving features for disinfection and oxidation.

Ultraviolet light (UV) is highly effective at inactivating bacteria and viruses and also for oxidising organic species in water, when utilising medium pressure polychromatic lamp technology. Ultraviolet disinfection consists of a physical, chemical-free process, attacking the vital DNA of the bacteria and micro-organisms directly, including examples such as parasites, Cryptosporidium or Giardia, which are extremely resistant to chemical disinfectants. In addition, it reduces chloramines by a variety of mechanisms. UV technology has advanced to the point where it can easily enhance the disinfection and oxidation of all sorts of pools.

triogen® UV Ultra for Residential Pools, Spas and Water Features

triogen® UV Ultra is designed to provide residential pools, spas and water features with a cost effective UV system for disinfection and improved water quality. One to three high output, low pressure UV lamps can be incorporated within the same unit providing 30mJ/cm2 class A potable drinking water level output.

This system offers the similar benefits as the above-mentioned UV systems, plus it:

  • is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • is simple to install and operate with minimal plant room space requirement
  • offers long term compatibility with salt water/salt chlorinator pools
  • can be upgraded to treat additional flow capacity

BAYROL Dosing Systems

The Pollet Pool Group provides BAYROL’s advanced, robust automatic dosing systems effectively manage the chemical treatment of pool water. Used with specially formulated chemicals, BAYROL systems continuously and precisely monitor and regulate the pH and disinfection, ensuring that the water is kept hygienically clean and provides pleasant bathing conditions. This ensures peace of mind and results in less time spent on manual testing and adjustments. Below is the range of BAYROL systems available from the Pollet Pool Group.

Pool Relax

The Pool Relax automatically measures and regulates the pH value and disinfection of pools and is suitable for use with chlorine, oxygen and bromine – switching between treatment methods is easy. An elegant design, the system blends seamlessly with the appearance of luxury pools, and is equipped with an easy-to-use, intuitive colour touch screen which allows data to be read easily. High precision electrodes ensure accurate measurement. The values measured are checked by the Pool Relax and, when necessary, the required quantity of water care product is added. If a valve exceeds the acceptable limit, or if other suboptimal measurement results are found, the Pool Relax will send an alert using acoustic and optical signals. The Pool Relax also notifies when the care product canister is empty, thus preventing a lack of disinfection to the pool.

PoolManager®/ PoolManager® Pro

PoolManager® can measure the levels of chlorine, and bromine by measuring the redox potential of the water. It can also be used for the dosing of active oxygen. The PoolManager® Pro uses potentiostatic measurement of the free chlorine levels in the pool water to precisely control the desired level required. Both controllers measure and control the level of pH in the pool water. Both systems have integral pumps for the safe dosing of the chemicals required to maintain the healthy clean pool water. Both PoolManager options have internet enabled software to allow for remote access and monitoring.

Compact Controller

The compact controller measures the free chlorine levels of the pool water using long established amperometric system. The pH is measured using standard glass combination electrode. All data is clearly displayed and with the easy to use intuitive menu access.

Analyt PM5 – Professional Pool Management System

The Analyt PM5 comes in two versions – Analyt 2 and Analyt. The range uses potentiostatic measurement of the free chlorine levels in the pool water to precisely control the desired level required. Its wide range of connection options for external devices means that it can also act as the main control unit for the pool, the circulation pump, lighting, heating and much more, removing the need for other control devices and thus reduces cost. The system has internet enabled software to allow for remote access and monitoring – the constant access to data significantly increases the reliability of the pool system.

Certikin International

Certikin is the largest supplier of wet leisure in the UK and amongst the top two suppliers of swimming pool equipment in Europe. Certikin is also a major manufacturer of a wide range of premium quality pool products, including underwater lights, heaters, liners, enclosures, skimmers, water circulation pumps and maintenance equipment. There is nothing under the wet leisure umbrella that Certikin doesn't sell. If you swim in a hotel swimming pool pretty much anywhere in the world, the chances are you will spot the name Certikin somewhere. Its reach is global.

Autopilot Salt Chlorine generators - No need buy chlorine again

Autopilot Digital

  • Low minimum salt level - operates at only 2,500 ppm
  • Market leading technology with a fluorescent digital display, which reads out the salt level and calculates how much salt needs adding to prevent overdosing
  • Displays temperature, flow and diagnostics
  • Patented bypass manifold system for ease of installation and efficient chlorine delivery
  • Self-cleaning cell which operates in water up to 40 deg C and a salt content up to 35,000 ppm
  • Built-in temperature compensation for output and freeze protection over winter
  • Time clock to operate the pump built-in and push button controls
  • Suitable for pool sizes up to 190m³

Autopilot Nano

Autopilot Nano includes microprocessor controls with a digital read-out of pool water temperature, current salt level, chlorinator production level and more. It also tells you how much salt to add should it run low.

  • Low minimum salt level
  • Patented bypass manifold system for ease of installation and efficient chlorine delivery
  • Self cleaning cell which operates in water up to 40 deg C and a salt content up to 35,000 ppm
  • Suitable for pool sizes up to 106m³