Servicing and maintenance may seem incongruous amongst topics about the design and build of pools, but the lifespan of a new pool depends on proper care and attention to all aspects of the pool – the structure and surround, the plantroom and, of course, the water chemistry.

The pool design should take into account the ongoing servicing and maintenance requirements. For example the type of filtration system (eg glass, sand) that will be used, whether an automatic dosing system is to be installed and most important how easy it will be to access and work in the completed plantroom. Taking servicing needs into consideration at the design stage will result in a pool that is easier to service and maintain, which means less time onsite and ultimately lower servicing costs.

LSPC offers a full service, from design and build through to commissioning the pool and ongoing servicing - clients can be confident of the same high quality of service throughout.

Every LSPC pool is commissioned by the Contracting and Servicing teams and thereafter the majority of clients retain the servicing team to regularly care for their pools. Below is snapshot of the London Swimming Pool Company's panoply of services:

  • Commissioning of new and refurbished pools
  • Free consultation and estimate to determine servicing and maintenance needs
  • Bespoke servicing programme for pools and spas delivered by a dedicated engineer who builds up knowledge of the client’s pool and spa
  • Opening up outdoor pools in the spring and closing them for the winter – this involves a deep clean of the pool, the addition of certain chemicals and inspection of the plant
  • Regular monitoring and management of chemicals to keep the water in pristine condition
  • General pool cleaning (eg brushing, vacuuming), washing and checking the performance of filters and pumps, cleaning pool covers and surrounding areas
  • Repair and maintain of filters, pumps, heaters, heat pumps, de-humidifiers and air handling units
  • Emergency call out service
  • Pool care lessons - expert advice at the client's site


In addition, LSPC refurbishes private and commercial indoor and outdoor pools and spas which have become outdated because of age and ‘wear and tear’ over the years. The refurbishment team gives old pools a stunning new look, and will upgrade the plantroom with modern equipment that improves performance and energy efficiency. This service includes repairing concrete, external and internal finishes or upgrades and replacing plant equipment such as the water filtration and circulation system, heating systems and underwater lights.