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Sleek Stainless Steel Pool

All that glitters isn’t gold, it’s stainless steel!


Stealing the show is this bespoke outdoor stainless steel pool. Measuring 8m x 4m, with a swimming depth of 1.3m, the pool’s appeal lies in its simple, clean lines which allow the beauty of the stainless steel to shine.

Apart from their striking good looks, stainless steel pools can be built faster than a pool using conventional building methods.

Minimalist Subterranean Pool

Chelsea, London
SPATA Design Silver Award 2013


A minimalist design with an emphasis is on light – natural daylight enters from atria on both ends of the pool.

Halogen lighting is used throughout the pool area, along with mirrors, ensuring that this space feels anything but subterranean.

Sapphire Pool

Sheen, Richmond upon Thames
Features counter current swimming device for rigorous exercise


A unique pool, with unusual dimensions of 7 x 9 metres and royal blue and purple coloured tiles, which stand out in the lush garden.

The split level bottom provides one shallow and one deep side, accommodating all ability swimmers and aquatic activities.

Subterranean Pool & Wellness Area

St John’s Wood, London
A spectacular glass staircase complements the glass mosaic tiles


A major project, the pool development took one year to complete and involved lengthy design and testing process of special features.

The elegant pool and wellness area are located in a remodelled £5.8m luxury home and features a gym, steam room, lounging/spa space and changing facilities.

Minimalist Pool

Chorley Wood, Buckinghamshire
Two SPATA Design Awards 2010


A pool and building which has a strong connection with the outside, is bright and also exudes serenity.

Fully opening glazed sections disappear into the walls linking the gardens with the inside, giving the illusion that parts of the building have no means of support. Linear slots in natural stone for water and air make the air handling system invisible and silent.

Moving Floor Pool

Kensington, London
SPATA Design Award 2013


The moving floor can be set at full depth for swimming, shallow for young children and completely raised to provide a large floor space for social gatherings.

The ability to transform an area in this way is particularly useful in properties where space limited.

Pool and Spa Renovation

Kensington, London
Sub-standard pool and spa undergoes a metamorphosis


The project involved the complete overhaul of the 4,000 square feet pool and the spa to complement the quality of property.

The warm, clean look was achieved by using natural stone on the floor and walls, black mirrors, dark stained wood panels and mosaic tiles in foggy blue.