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25 September 2022
How to Change the Depth of Your Swimming Pool in Minutes

In last month’s article about moveable floors for swimming pools, we looked at how pools installed with this innovative system allows you to maximise your living space. Once only available in the most lavish of bespoke pool builds, state-of- the-art movable floor technology is now also available for newly built family-sized pools, bringing the space-saving and flexible use benefits to many more people. 

09 August 2022
What Is a Movable Floor?

A movable floor is a technologically advanced movable floor system that is installed in the base of a new swimming pool - when the floor is raised to the top, it closes off the pool so that, what was a pool a few minutes before, is transformed into space that can be used for different activities.

11 July 2022
Briefing your architect and pool designer

Often a private pool installation is part of a major refurbishment project which involves the time and expertise of a number of professionals including architects, interior designers, a pool design and build team and, if it’s an outdoor pool, a landscape gardener. Clear and specific communication with these experts is essential to ensure they understand your vision and the pool meets your aspirations.

04 June 2022
Accessories to complement your outdoor pool

There are many factors to take into consideration when designing an outdoor pool. What material should be used for the construction? How will the paving and finish complement the landscape? Will the pool be used primarily for swimming, or also for social events? Regardless of your stylistic preference, completing the construction is only the first step to creating a welcoming luxury pool. In this blog we cover a variety of accessories that will enhance the ambience of your pool area.

04 May 2022
Prepare to be Pampered: A Guide to A Home Spa Installation

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? With your very own bespoke pool and spa installation, you don’t have to travel too far to find the respite and relaxation you need to refresh and revive your mind, body and soul.  As a leading provider of spa design, installation, servicing and refurbishment, we provide a one-stop-shop for all your spa needs. But what do you need to consider when commissioning the design and installation of a spa at home? In this blog post, we answer all the need-to-know questions…

04 April 2022
Landscape considerations for a new outdoor pool by Katja Griffiths

We are delighted to welcome talented garden designer, Katja Griffiths as a guest blogger. Here Katja shares her insights on landscape considerations when planning an outdoor swimming pool.  With summer rapidly approaching, it’s easy for homeowners to envision just how wonderful it would be to take a break from the hectic pace of modern living and cool off outside in their very own private pool. 

04 March 2022
Should I install an indoor or outdoor pool?

The choice between an indoor and an outdoor pool largely depends on how you wish to use your pool. A luxury pool will enhance both the interior or exterior of a home, creating a stunning feature that will be admired by everyone. Whether it’s located indoor, outdoor or even on a rooftop, a skillfully designed pool that is in harmony with the architecture of your home and uses the latest technology to make it super efficient will also add value to your property. The key consideration in deciding where to locate your pool is how frequently you want to get into the pool, be that for a quick dip, serious laps, water aerobics or to play pool games such as water polo.

04 February 2022
Award winning energy efficient swimming pool

When is a private swimming pool not a hugely luxurious indulgence? When it’s probably the most energy efficient pool of its kind in the UK, that’s when. It would be easy to blind you with architectural science and run through a complicated list of technical specifications, detailing servo-controlled valves and oversized plate exchangers, but the details of the pool design and construction which will leap out to most people are how much (which is to say how little) it costs to run every day, and the fact that the building in which it is located is so well built and insulated that it doesn’t require heating, even in the depths of winter. That’s a room full of a swimming pool that you don’t need to heat, something which takes some planning, building and doing. 

31 January 2022
Our A to Z of Pool Design & Construction - Helping You Understand the Terminology

Whether you’re new to the world of pool design and construction or have been the proud owner of a pool in the past, getting to grips with the terminology that accompanies the process can be daunting.   As a leading contractor of outstanding swimming pool design, construction, refurbishment and servicing, we have been guiding clients for more than 30 years. Here our experts use their knowledge to explain jargon with an A to Z of pool design and construction for pool buyers just like you.

14 January 2022
Get a basement pool without digging too deep

A rising trend in London’s property market are ‘iceberg homes’ - a term used to describe properties which have been extensively renovated below ground level to the point where the majority of the property is now subterranean (just as the majority of an iceberg is below sea level). In the borough of Kensington and Chelsea in 2001, there were 46 planning applications for basement conversions, whereas in 2013 this figure rose to a staggering 450! So why are these types of conversions become so popular?

14 December 2021
Designing your luxury pool

Luxury pool buyers have sophisticated and often adventurous tastes, usually accompanied by a strong vision for how their pool should look.  New technologies such as moving floors, high quality finishes and breathtakingly beautiful water features make it possible to turn their vision into reality. High-end swimming pools can be minimalist or ooze extravagance.

11 November 2021
Walking on water with Hydrofloors® Moveable Floor

When you think of a luxury swimming pool, you probably imagine a space dedicated exclusively to the pool where only swimming and relaxation takes place.  But what if the space earmarked for the pool needs to work harder, for example, because you host a lot of functions and parties?

04 October 2021
Making your pool as energy efficient as possible

Having an energy efficient or ‘green’ pool is important for a variety of reasons, above all because it helps to save you money, sometimes a significant amount.  Going ‘green’ also reduces energy waste and helps to preserve water. Fortunately, energy efficiency isn’t a difficult goal to reach. With the right kind of maintenance and a couple of pieces of optimised equipment, you can dramatically lower the environmental impact of your pool, and reduce running costs in the process!

06 September 2021
Do I have room for a pool?

From a ski chalet in Aspen to a luxury residence in central London, people are choosing moving floor swimming pools as an alternative to traditional luxury pools because they can have a pool without losing precious space. Today a pool doesn’t have to take permanent residency in a room or garden – a simple push of a button on the pool’s control panel and a moving floor glides effortlessly from the base of the pool and locks firmly when it reaches floor level, restoring the room or garden to its pre-pool state. So, if you’re asking yourself if you have space for a pool, a moving floor pool could be just what you need.

06 August 2021
Time to Renovate Your Pool

If the equipment in your pool is no longer functioning optimally and the aesthetics are starting to suffer due to extended use, it might be time to think about renovating. Whether you’re upgrading the plant room equipment, refurbishing the tiles or looking to  improve the pool’s structural integrity, it’s important to enlist the services of a specialist who knows the ins and outs of your particular type of pool.  If you are considering renovating because you have been losing water in the pool, performing a simple bucket test will tell you if this is happening because of evaporation or whether there is a more serious problem which needs to be addressed. 

17 June 2021
Why do I need a pool designer?

Swimming regularly unlocks a long list of obvious and not-so-obvious benefits, a fact that makes it an extremely popular activity for fun and fitness here in the UK. Harnessing these advantages in your very own home is, therefore, a very attractive prospect indeed.  

14 May 2021
Planning for your pool: what to consider before you buy a pool

Installing a luxury pool is one of the biggest and most exciting investments you will make in your home – choosing the right pool needs careful thinking and planning to ensure it meets all your needs and you are delighted with the end result.  From selecting the pool shell to finding industry accredited pool designers, many factors must be given adequate consideration before any building work starts.

18 February 2021
How long does it take to build an outdoor pool?

There’s an adage that states nothing worth having comes easily or quickly. This isn’t necessarily true 100% of the time, of course, but it certainly strikes a note when it comes to building a swimming pool because it’s certainly not something that can happen overnight. 

10 January 2021
Best materials for pool surrounds

The material you choose for your outdoor pool surround is one of the most important decisions you will make when constructing a pool, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. There are three types of material from which to choose – concrete paving stones, natural stone and wood, which come in a variety of styles so, regardless of the style of landscaping in your garden, you’re sure to find a material that complements the natural environment.  When choosing your pool surround, the key features to consider are non-slippery when wet, non-abrasive texture for comfort underfoot and resistance to excessive heat absorption.

10 November 2020
Swimming Pool Control Systems

At this stage in the global pandemic it is possible to travel to foreign countries and enjoy a holiday in the sun, but it will not be simple. While it was formerly an easily manageable task to catch a plane to the Costa del Sol or the Greek islands, now multiple levels of restrictions and testing requirements are making holidaymakers reconsider their plans. We should be encouraged to switch to ‘staycations’ and make the most of things on the home front. Those of us lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home can enjoy some of the comforts of a summer holiday without leaving the house. Keeping that pool in the best possible condition should be a priority.

10 October 2020
8 Ideas for Enhancing Your Pool

There is no doubt that 2020 is the year that people will really appreciate having a swimming pool. At this stage no one can be sure if and when foreign travel will return to normal, and there are no guarantees that restrictions will not change in the future. Even in the cases that we can travel to certain foreign locations, it will not be as convenient as before and possibly not as enjoyable. For health reasons and to avoid the restrictions in place, as well as a slightly unnatural atmosphere in public places, staying at home looks to be the safest  option.

06 October 2020
Want a Space Saving Swimming Pool?

A space saving pool may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it is a reality! Many people love the idea of a private swimming pool and while they can be built in different sizes, they do still require a significant amount of space.  If you’re going to have your own pool, you will want it to make a statement, so the amount of space allocated to it is important.

11 September 2020
5 Technologies Your Luxury Pool Can't Do Without

In the twenty-first century, we need technology to help us with almost everything we do in our everyday lives. Whether it is ordering food delivery, selecting our favourite music or managing a luxury swimming pool, technology will play a part in completing the task in the most convenient way.

19 May 2020
Pool Trends for 2020

The start of  2020 has been turbulent to say the least and we are all adjusting to a new ‘normal’ with many of us working from home and trying to be more creative with our leisure time.  If you are fortunate enough to own a swimming pool you will, most likely, be using it more frequently as you spend more time at home.  Because you will be using your pool a lot more this year (and thankfully there is some sunshine for outdoor pool owners), this could be a good time to start thinking about any swimming pool refurbishments you might want to make when life becomes freer.  If you are going the refurbishment or enhancement route, you could treat yourself to something ‘of the moment?’   Here are just a few options.

20 April 2020
What does a luxury pool cost?

As one of the leading pool design and construction companies in the UK, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is “what is the cost of a luxury pool?”  If ever there was a “how long is a piece of string question” this is it!  It is an understandable query, because we are all used to getting instant quotes before deciding who to buy from, but in the case of a luxury swimming pool it requires in-depth discussion on requirements and expert input before a price can be given.  Do be wary of ballpark figures!

14 April 2020
What to consider when planning your plantroom

Today we look at where to locate the ‘beating heart’ of the swimming pool – the plantroom which stores all the equipment that controls the pool's operation and ensures it performs efficiently around the clock.  Making sure you understand its function and spend time considering its location, size, access and other features is time well spent. In this blog, we look at the most important considerations for the plantroom when planning a new pool.

30 January 2020
What makes an award-winning pool?

When making any purchasing decision these days, we’re truly spoilt by the wealth of online resources we can use to check up on a brand or supplier’s credentials. From TripAdvisor to Facebook, there are dozens of platforms consumers can peruse that contain verified customer feedback and can give consumers a good idea regarding the culture and the reputation of the brand in question.

19 December 2019
Trends in swimming pools

When choosing the design for a new pool, potential owners are often unaware of the variety of options available. A swimming pool needn't be a simple white square, it can be built to exact specifications – and can incorporate a wide array of features. In this post, we take a look at the brilliant additions and design features that pool owners and hotels are choosing.

19 November 2019
Refurbishment: How and when to modernise your pool

Increasing numbers of pool owners are choosing to refurbish their pools, particularly in London. When a pool gets older and past its best, it might be time to update it both aesthetically and technically. Innovative plans that might have been too ambitious ten years ago are now achievable, thanks to superior technology and materials.

18 October 2019
Tech innovations for your pool

Decades ago, opportunities to make a swimming pool really stand out were limited to small cosmetic changes or additions. Nowadays, pool owners have an enormous array of options that were previously the realms of fantasy.  Modern pools offer the chance to incorporate some seriously cool technology and make your pool a work-of-art as well as a fantastic addition to any property. Today, we're talking about innovations that joosh up your pool!

19 September 2019
The next big thing in pool hygiene - about the DAISY+ system

Conventional pool water treatment relies heavily on disinfectants and chemicals - like chlorine, ozone, and UVC irradiation to combat the growth of bacteria in the water system. These have long been considered vital in preventing the transmission of disease and ensuring clean water and air in indoor pools—but they can also be expensive and their use can be time-consuming.

19 August 2019
The amazing variety of modern pools

In times gone by, a swimming pool came in a standard shape, in a small number of styles. Advances in pool building design and technology mean that potential owners now have a wealth of choice available.  Which pool you choose will depend on several factors including cost, available space, location, local building regulations and design preferences. In this post, we take a look at some of the pools you can choose from, including moving floor pools and waterfall marvels.

23 July 2019
Pool Inspiration: The World’s Most Incredible Swimming Pools

One of the undisputed highlights of any summer vacation is the luxury swimming pools that greet us in the hotels, villas and resorts we call our temporary homes. But when is a pool more than just a pool?  The idyllic pools scattered across the globe are what Instagram was made for and are designed to offer something unique and unforgettable for patrons.

16 April 2019
Modern Art Meets Luxury Swimming Pools

If you are planning to adorn the walls of your swimming pool hall with a talking-point piece of artwork, you won’t have to stretch to a £70m David Hockney pool painting!  Instead, you can choose a stunning bespoke installation inspired by expressionists such as Wassily Kandinksy, Alexander Calder and Joan Miró for a drop in the ocean compared to a Hockney.

06 March 2019
Contemporise Your Swimming Pool

There are many reasons why you might want to remodel your current swimming pool. Perhaps you have moved into a property with a pool that is not suitable for your needs. Maybe your old pool is taking up too much garden space and downsizing is the answer. Although it might seem like a daunting job, with the right expertise and thorough planning, remodelling the pool can be achieved without major disruption.

31 January 2019
10 Questions to ask when planning a pool

A swimming pool is the ultimate status symbol, adding both value and allure to your property. However, building a pool can be a significant undertaking. This means there are key questions to ask yourself before you break ground and begin construction.

08 October 2018
How to make your pool 'Instagrammable'

Installing a pool on your property means you can enjoy a swim whenever you like, entertain guests on special occasions or just have a peaceful place to relax. However, it's also an impressive status symbol.

06 August 2018
Outdoor pools with moving floors

We've written several times about the benefits of moving floors for your pool. Instead of permanently sacrificing space to a new pool, space is made far more versatile. A moving floor will blend so well that you won't even be able to tell that the pool is there. However, it's important to stress that this innovative and effective technology isn't limited to the inside of your home – a moving floor can also be installed on an outdoor pool.

24 May 2018
The Advantages of Having Your Own Pool

Many people aspire to have their own swimming pool. There are a variety of different pool types that potential owners can choose from, depending on their property and circumstances. Pools can be built to almost any shape or size, indoors or outdoors, in the basement or on the roof! Although a private pool is a desirable status symbol, it also offers a dizzying array of benefits.  In this post, we take a look at the advantages of having your own swimming pool.

10 March 2018
Replace your outdated pool with a stylish stainless steel pool

Stainless steel is a widely popular choice in interior design. Such is its versatility and elegance, steel can be used for everything from kitchen fittings to decorative themes. It is also useful for garden structures like marquees, trellises, sheds and even treehouses.

07 February 2018
Your swimming pool and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be a tricky celebration to navigate, depending on how long a couple have been together. Inspiration is tough to come by. The traditional gifts of flowers and chocolates and fancy dinners don't always feel like natural ways of displaying your affection. Pool owners have the perfect solution ready and available. This Valentine's Day, take advantage of a natural aphrodisiac and treat your partner to an evening by the pool.

10 December 2017
Staying warm - temperature requirements

It can be a challenge to keep your outdoor pool heated, and extend the swimming season as long as possible. Most indoor pool owners prefer to keep their pool heated all year round. In either case, the temperature requirements of your pool bear closer inspection. Your pool water should be between 25 degree centigrade  (78 Fahrenheit) and around 28 degrees centigrade , depending on personal preference and who is using the pool. For example, older people and children will probably need a temperature at the warmer end of the spectrum.

10 September 2017
Enhancing your pool with a counter current unit

The key to being a satisfied pool owner is making the most of your pool. This can mean different things to different people. For some, it's being able to swim each day and keep fit. For others, it's about inviting friends and family over to use it at every opportunity. Depending on your usage, there a few ways you can enhance your pool experience. Investing in a counter current unit like the HydroStar is one of them.

10 August 2017
Shine a light on your pool

During the construction of your pool, discuss your underwater lighting options with your pool designer. The variety of choice on the market means there’s an option to suit every taste and every budget. Your pool designer will know which lights are best, depending on the type of pool and the desired ambience.

10 July 2017
Switch between luxury pool and living space in 8 minutes

Choosing to install a swimming pool on your property is a big decision. It allows you and your family to take a swim whenever you want, in the privacy of your own home. The only problem left is figuring out where to fit the pool on your property.

10 May 2017
5 steps to creating a dream pool

As Homify says, “A natural extension to an indoor living space, home swimming pools can be tailored to contemporary tastes or even to traditional design aesthetics.” The best way to ensure you create a pool that reflects your tastes, complements your property and is perfect for your needs, is to work with a talented and experienced pool designer.  To help you achieve the results you want, take a look at our five tips for working with a professional pool designer.

10 March 2017
Complementary accessories for your pool area

A couple of years ago, we had a look at accessories and enhancements you can add to your pool area to bring it to life. Now that you’ve had a chance to enjoy your luxurious pool, we’re going to take a look at how you can transform it further - with a few stylish accessories and a light makeover. These ideas are particularly good for socialising, ensuring that you and your guests can linger by the pool all day and evening if you wish!

24 February 2017
Filter choices for your pool

For healthy swimming, it’s vital that the pool water is always clean and properly filtered, this will not only prevent any potential waterborne diseases taking hold, it will ensure that the volume and the cost of chemical treatments for your pool are well managed. There are different types of filters from which to choose and we look at three – two long-standing options and one relatively recent development; all achieve a high level of water purity.

20 December 2016
Options for your wellness area - dry saunas, steam rooms and ice baths

We have come to expect wellness facilities in luxury hotels and private leisure centres to pamper ourselves when on holiday, or while away on a business trip. The desire for such facilities has also become popular with homeowners, with people installing one or more  wellness facilities to create their own haven. This includes dry saunas, steam rooms and ice baths, often alongside a luxury pool. As well providing the perfect way to relax or revitalise, these facilities add a touch of glamour to the home. Here we take a look at how saunas, steam rooms and ice baths can improve your health and well-being.

15 November 2016
Indoor Pool Ventilation

An in-depth feature on effective climate control of indoor pool halls by our key supplier and market leader, Heatstar:  With advances in technology, pool ventilation is now just one part of the environmental control required for today’s indoor swimming pools.  The key elements in pool environmental control include ventilation, air quality, dehumidification, air heating and pool water heating.

16 September 2016
How does metal interact with the pool environment?

Metal pool finishes are all the rage. In the past, we’ve looked at stainless steel finishes as an attractive finish option that takes less time to install than using conventional pool building materials and require minimal maintenance. What about metalwork in general, though? How does metal – both in and out of the water – interact with the swimming pool environment? 

26 August 2016
Glass pool finishes: pros and cons

From stainless steel to ceramic tiles, there are a wide range of pool finishes available on the market which can be used on their own, or in combinations, to meet any and all requirements.

22 July 2016
Underwater pool windows

Having underwater windows of acrylic-like plexiglas in swimming pools has become something of a trend in recent years. In the past, it was seen as something of a luxury, as swimming pools with underwater windows could only be found in the most exclusive of locations.

08 July 2016
Counter-current units: turn your pool into a treadmill

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor pool, if you’re facing size restrictions, it can be difficult (but not impossible) to use your pool for a rigorous workout. “Swimming is awesome cardio, completely no-impact on your joints, and a calorie-torching total-body workout,” argues Amy Roberts of Women’s Health. In that way, swimming is fantastic exercise for people of all ages. Ten lengths in an Olympic-sized pool can really make you feel the burn, but ten lengths in a considerably smaller home pool? You might not feel the benefits as much. Thankfully, there’s a solution that allows you to get the same fitness benefits as a lengthy swim in a larger pool would give you, in a smaller luxury home pool.

01 July 2016
Pool access done right

There are lots of ways to enter a pool. One popular school of thought holds that the only 'proper’ way to enter a pool is to jump in. While that's certainly one of the most fun ways of doing it, pool accessibility is actually very important - and getting it right can be a challenge.

24 June 2016
How can an automatic pool cover benefit me?

Owning your own pool can give you the ultimate solution for home leisure. It gives you unlimited access to one of the most sought after luxuries in the world.

10 June 2016
Should I invest in a stainless steel pool finish?

Choosing the right pool finish is one of the most exciting elements of choosing your pool – you get to think beyond functionality and focus on the stunning effects you can achieve.  As we’ve discussed in our previous blog post, there are a lot of things you need to consider before selecting a pool finish - such as how the finish affects the space, light, and colour of the pool room, or how it must be maintained regularly to protect it from exposure to the pool environment.

03 June 2016
What to consider when choosing a finish for your pool hall

Indoor pools offer a luxurious leisure experience all year round. That’s why many homeowners choose to construct an indoor pool hall: a versatile, custom-designed part of the home permanently dedicated to relaxation and wellness.

27 May 2016
Why you should consider a tiled pool finish

Every pool needs a finish. A finish is what gives your pool its appearance and own unique character. While the finish of your pool is influenced by the nature of the pool’s construction, pool owners have a lot of choice and variety when it comes to crafting a special ambiance and feel for their pools.

15 March 2016
Considerations for Creating a Spa Wellness Area

The lifestyle benefits of a private swimming pool are well-known – exercise and relaxation in the privacy of your own home, peace and solitude when you want it, be that at the crack of dawn to get your day started with a zing, or to unwind after work.  And when you are in a more playful mood, the pool can be used for pool games and parties. It’s also a fantastic backdrop for a sophisticated soirée.

01 February 2016
Heating a swimming pool

Efficient heating is vital to ensure that the swimming pool functions properly. The temperature of your pool can affect its performance in a range of ways, including its hygiene, water clarity and bathing comfort. In turn, pool heating can impact everything from the equipment bought to how often servicing is required.

11 November 2015
A Day in the Life of a Trainee Pool Designer - Jason Beirne

I’m fortunate, since my last post, my commute has shrunk from an hour train or cycle ride each way, to a three minute walk. The move has coincided with the enrolment season and I'm now attending Guildford College once a week for the sequel of the AutoCAD course I studied last year.

05 October 2015
Popular Pool Finishes

Having a swimming pool built in your home involves lots of choices. For starters you have to decide where the pool will be installed – outside or indoors? How big will it be? What style and finishes will go with your current property and decor?  And once it’s built, who will carry out the servicing? 

24 August 2015
Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Dating back to ancient times, humans have used the healing powers of water to treat physical problems and emotional distress - this practice is known as hydrotherapy. It is said that Roman Emperor Augustus was cured from a range of afflictions after his physician instructed him to take cold baths on a regular basis. There are recordings of both the ancient Egyptians and Greeks utilising the healing powers of water too.

10 August 2015
Living the Luxe Lifestyle

Operating as we do in the luxury swimming pool market, we like to keep in tune with trends in the luxury sector.  In this blog we take a look at the fascinating super luxury lifestyles enjoyed by London’s wealthiest.  

19 May 2015
The season for outdoor pools - Jason Beirne's latest blog

Some of the earliest indicators that the weather is changing are seeing the Cherry Blossom blooming, we gain an hour of sunlight, the air is filled with the smell of ‘extra-virgin’ grass cuttings from the first mow, and the warmth of the sun starts to increase, just enough to choose the sunny side of the road where we walk. After, what can feel like an eternity of darkness, we welcome back the glory of spring with open arms, like a lifelong friend returning from adventures further afield.

18 February 2015
Becoming a pool designer

The first month of 2015 has gone quickly, the year is moving forward with big milestone after big milestone on the horizon.  My AutoCAD course, having a symbiotic relationship with my new role as trainee project designer in the design team, has propelled things forward positively.

19 December 2014
Back to the drawing board

Jason Beirne is now blogging as a new member of the design & build team, having transferred from London Swimming Pool Company's Servicing division.  

23 October 2014
The therapeutic benefits of water

Whether you’re swimming a few lengths in the pool to relax after work or are treating yourself to a couple of hours of peace and relaxation at a health spa, participating in such activities has benefits for both the mind and body.  Swimming regularly does not mean you have to train strenuously and push your body to its limit - in fact, swimming can be a great low-impact exercise which makes it ideal for those looking to rehabilitate from physical injuries or illnesses.  If you’re looking to become healthier, fitter and leaner or just to relax, swimming might be just what you’re looking for. Here are some of the benefits: