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27 July 2015
Accessories to complement your outdoor pool

There are many factors to take into consideration when designing an outdoor pool. What material should be used for the construction? How will the paving and finish complement the landscape? Will the pool be used primarily for swimming, or also for social events? Regardless of your stylistic preference, completing the construction is only the first step to creating a welcoming luxury pool. In this blog we cover a variety of accessories that will enhance the ambience of your pool area.

Plants and vegetation
Insulating your pool against the elements, particularly the wind, is a prime concern when designing an outdoor pool. One of the ways to do this is to build a fence around the perimeter of the pool, however this may not be the most attractive solution.  A much better option is screening the pool with plants which are infinitely more pleasing to the eye, bringing radiant colour and vibrancy to the pool area.  Avoid choosing plants that shed leaves as these will flutter into the pool and do remember to plant at least six feet away from the pool to avoid plant debris drifting into the water.

Automatic cover systems
Whether for convenience or safety purposes, the latest generation of automatic pool cover systems are ideal for outdoor pools. At the click of a button, the cover is activated.  The pool cover helps to keep the water in pristine condition until the next time you use it, and is a great safety measure for families with small children or pets. An automatic cover is also beneficial when you come to winterise the pool at the end of the swimming season.

Shaded refreshments area
If you’re hosting a pool party, it nice to have a shaded patio where people can get refreshments - perhaps with its own bar installed.  Or you may construct a charming outdoor pavilion complete with a canopy for shade.  A structure such as this can double as a changing room as well as house the pool’s plant equipment. The refreshment area is an ideal place to install a rustic fire pit or wood fired oven - perfect for delicious barbeques on those radiant summer afternoons.

Having a well-lit outdoor pool is important for safety purposes, but it can also dramatically transform the pool’s ambience. Particularly if you want to use your pool area to host social events, the right landscape lighting can turn your pool into a magical wonderland at night. While floodlights are effective for functional purposes, LED lighting is preferable if you’re looking to build atmosphere. To entrance your guests, you may wish to consider positioning your LED lights so that they illuminate the surrounding trees and pathways. Underwater LED pool lighting gives the water an ethereal glow during the evening.

A hammam is a Moroccan steam room which closely resembles the bathhouses found in Turkey. While hammams play an integral part in Moroccan culture as a place for socialising as well as cleansing the body, westernised hammams are now being installed as a luxurious addition to pools in the UK. While hammams generally accompany indoor pools and spas, they are becoming popular so we thought they merited a mention.

For advice on designing, building and accessorising your pool contact us.

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