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08 July 2016
Counter-current units: turn your pool into a treadmill

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor pool, if you’re facing size restrictions, it can be difficult (but not impossible) to use your pool for a rigorous workout. “Swimming is awesome cardio, completely no-impact on your joints, and a calorie-torching total-body workout,” argues Amy Roberts of Women’s Health. In that way, swimming is fantastic exercise for people of all ages. Ten lengths in an Olympic-sized pool can really make you feel the burn, but ten lengths in a considerably smaller home pool? You might not feel the benefits as much. Thankfully, there’s a solution that allows you to get the same fitness benefits as a lengthy swim in a larger pool would give you, in a smaller luxury home pool.

Otherwise known as swimming machines or swim jets, counter-current units are a straightforward and effective means of being able to turn your pool into a powerful health and fitness unit at the touch of a button. Invented in 1967 by UWE, the technology varies, but the principle is this: a pump unit or apparatus is installed which can produce a highly powerful jet of water, or counter-current, against which you can swim. In that way, it emulates a treadmill - it provides a space to exercise in while remaining technically stationary, removing the need for large spaces.

These can come in the form of an ‘endless pool’, a smaller water tank about twice the length of the average person, or you can install an individual counter-current unit. Small and unintrusive when out of use, these can convert any pool into a counter current-powered fitness centre instantaneously. They work alongside pre-installed standard pool pumping technology and can be modified to fit your changing needs for the pool. At one moment, your pool can be used as a relaxing leisure space, and at the next, it can be used for your daily workout.

Counter-current units can be fitted with any new pool or even retrospectively in pre-existing pools. They are discrete and simple devices to use but offer a huge range of potential benefits to both your health and your lifestyle. They allow you to get the most out of your pool by providing it with the dual functions of both leisure and exercise by solving the common issues surrounding pool size

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool design, construction and refurbishment, so if you need advice on a brand new pool, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice.

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