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14 July 2015
Designing your luxury pool

Luxury pool buyers have sophisticated and often adventurous tastes, usually accompanied by a strong vision for how their pool should look.  New technologies such as moving floors, high quality finishes and breathtakingly beautiful water features make it possible to turn their vision into reality. High-end swimming pools can be minimalist or ooze extravagance.

It’s important to work with a designer who understands that getting the design right is as much about the ambience of the entire space where the pool is to be built, as the pool itself; that requires a high level of creativity and attention to detail in the overall design. The designer needs to understand the feeling that you want to achieve when you step into that space to relax, rejuvenate or exercise; the overall design must evoke those feelings. 

Also, understanding that beauty goes beyond the pool itself is essential. It’s not just a wonderful looking finish that makes a luxury pool; the technical design is critical. Luxury should be built into all aspects of the pool including the seemingly ‘unsexy’ plantroom. This is the heart of the pool which ensures that the pool operates efficiently, reliably and safely.

So with these principles top of mind, here are some areas to consider when planning your design.

Moving floors
Where space is limited, indoor or indoor, moving floor pools are filling the gap nicely. The benefit is that a moving floor built inside the pool means the pool becomes flexible - the pool area can be used for a relaxing swim in the afternoon, and then at the click of a button, the water can be covered with a solid floor to host a social event in the evening. Additionally, a moving floor doesn’t have just two positions - it can move to a range of elevations, for example, to enable children to paddle in shallow water.

Luxury finishes
The pièce de résistance of any pool is the finish; these elements create a unique and truly luxurious feel. Different types of finishes are available to reflect the style of the home, from contemporary to traditional. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular, with ceramic tiles being available in a dizzying array of patterns to suit any interior design.  Another option is glistening glass tiling, or perhaps a stainless steel interior. 

Subterranean pools
In certain areas of London, ‘iceberg’ homes are the newest trend. This refers to the phenomenon of expanding your home vertically instead of horizontally by adding new living space to the subterranean region of your property. Aside from wine cellars, gyms and saunas, subterranean swimming pools are a popular feature in ‘iceberg’ homes.

Personalised water features
From majestic, cascading waterfalls to ornate, carved fountains, a water feature is often the focal point for the pool and a true symbol of luxury. You can combine lighting effects with precious gems to create a chic feel around the pool. Whether you’re looking for a modern feature or classical charm, bespoke water features allow you to inject your style into your high end pool.

Lounging areas
Pools are used for socialising just as much as swimming, which makes shallow lounging areas perfect for soaking up the sun in an outdoor pool, and enjoying the water at the same time. A lounging area is the perfect place to put out a couple of sun loungers and sit with your feet dangling in the water, while you enjoy cocktails as the sunlight fades to dusk.

We’re here to help
If you’re looking for a bespoke pool, our design team has the knowledge of pool aesthetics and the expertise to install the latest technologies, ensuring your pool is beautifully finished and highly functional.  For advice contact us for a private consultation.

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