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06 July 2015
Do I have room for a pool?

From a ski chalet in Aspen to a luxury residence in central London, people are choosing moving floor swimming pools as an alternative to traditional luxury pools because they can have a pool without losing precious space. Today a pool doesn’t have to take permanent residency in a room or garden – a simple push of a button on the pool’s control panel and a moving floor glides effortlessly from the base of the pool and locks firmly when it reaches floor level, restoring the room or garden to its pre-pool state. So, if you’re asking yourself if you have space for a pool, a moving floor pool could be just what you need.

This space-saving ‘miracle’ is increasing demand for private pools as more people realise that the pool area can be used flexibly. When people think of a luxury pool, they imagine a space devoted to the pool where only swimming takes place, however, by installing a pool with a moving floor, the family can reclaim the space whenever they need it for other activities. When the moving floor is activated the pool is covered with a solid floor with a finish that blends beautifully and seamlessly with the surrounding floor or outdoor terrace.  In addition, home owners love the security of being able to seal off their pool when it’s not in use.

Moving floor pools started to grace UK homes about 10 years by early adopters who saw the potential they offered for multi-use within the home. These pools have advantages over pools that have deep and shallow ends, the latter being popular for learners and young swimmers. But these groups grow out of the need for a shallow end. And such pools are not always the best option as a swimmer can unwittingly wade into the deep end. A moving floor pool eliminates such problems as the pool floor can be set at any level across the entire pool.

Moving floors were originally designed for public pools to enable commercial operators to offer different types of swimming experiences to adults, children, babies, people having therapeutic treatment and for water sports.  The development of solid load-bearing floors that allow large numbers of people to stand, walk and dance on them with total confidence was a milestone in the history of moving floors, and increased their popularity in the private market. 

In London the growth in moving floor pools in private homes has been fuelled by the property boom, with overseas property developers adding value to their portfolios with bespoke moving floor pools. At the other end of the scale are central London clients who are keen to have a pool, but don't have extra space for a pool - London property comes at a premium and they want to maximise space. For this group, a moving floor pool is the perfect solution.

To see our moving floor pools visit this page of the website and contact us if we can help with any questions.


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