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10 September 2017
Enhancing your pool with a counter current unit

The key to being a satisfied pool owner is making the most of your pool. This can mean different things to different people. For some, it's being able to swim each day and keep fit. For others, it's about inviting friends and family over to use it at every opportunity. Depending on your usage, there a few ways you can enhance your pool experience. Investing in a counter current unit like the HydroStar is one of them.

Better Training
Countercurrent units work by generating a current that mimics that of a river, strong enough to swim against, enabling swimmers to use it in a variety of ways including serious swimming training, improving swimming technique, therapeutic exercise and relaxation or just good fun. The strength of the current is controlled by the pool owner, who can set it to match the needs of swimmers.  Many advocates equip their pool with a counter current unit to use smaller pools as a training opportunity, effectively “lengthening” their pool due to the increased difficulty of doing a lap.

The ultimate counter-current swimming machine, HydroStar, can be fitted to your luxury pool by London Swimming Pool Company.

The HydroStar is the latest and most advanced counter current unit available. With a choice of performance classes, there's something to suit every level of swimmer. The smallest turbine is generally enough for an average swimmer, but the other end of the scale is two large turbines – suitable for top class athletes!

Children Learn to Swim
Many pool owners enjoy the fact their children can learn to swim at home, in safety and security. It's an immeasurably useful skill to have, and being able to swim could save their lives one day. However, learning to swim in a pool doesn't always fully prepare a child for real-life conditions. With a counter current unit, children can get a sense of how hard it can be to swim against a current. Your children will be better prepared to use their skills should the need arise. It will also make them stronger swimmers.

Enhance the Pool, Enhance the Fun
It may seem like a smaller concern, but a counter-current unit can be a lot of fun! Kids love battling against a current and being swept gently to the end of the pool. It's a little like having a water park attraction in your own home. With a variety of settings, you can control the flow of the water to make sure it isn't too much for your children. For adults, the sense of floating on the current can be very relaxing after a hard day, especially if you have a float for your head to rest on.

Subtle Addition
One of the best features of the countercurrent units is that your pool can be retrofitted with the technology. It doesn't have to be incorporated in the building process from the start. Since it is installed below the waterline, it is unobtrusive and the unit is quiet. Fortunately, it also requires very little maintenance, though, of course, the service engineer should check it during the normal servicing visits.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool design, construction and refurbishment, so if you need advice on a brand new pool, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice.

Photo courtesy of Ocea, UK supplier of the HydroStar

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