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28 April 2015
Get a basement pool without digging too deep

A rising trend in London’s property market are ‘iceberg homes’ - a term used to describe properties which have been extensively renovated below ground level to the point where the majority of the property is now subterranean (just as the majority of an iceberg is below sea level). In the borough of Kensington and Chelsea in 2001, there were 46 planning applications for basement conversions, whereas in 2013 this figure rose to a staggering 450! So why are these types of conversions become so popular?

Firstly, renovating in this manner provides extra living space - which is great for families with children and for those who wish to host social events at their homes. In the countryside it’s easier to just build an extension onto the house, but in London where space is at a premium, oftentimes it makes more sense to renovate vertically instead of horizontally. The features you can install in a subterranean living space are endless, but some of the most popular choices include: saunas, gyms, steam rooms, home cinemas, wine cellars and other relaxation areas. Increasing the living space of any property increases its value, but with these exceptional features to serve as unique selling points, the property value can be increased dramatically.

Undisturbed by the outside world, basements also provide an excellent location for constructing luxury pools and the good news is that with today’s advanced moving floor pool technology, there is absolutely no need to dig two floors deep into your garden to gain two floors worth of space.  A moving floor pool can achieve the same space outcome, creating two totally different areas on one floor.   The pool’s floor can be lowered to different depths for swimmers (eg paddling for kids/full depth for adults) and when the floor is raised level with the pool deck, your room is transformed back to normal.  Presto - two spaces in one on the same floor of your home! 

Another bonus of a moving floor pool is efficiency in the construction phase – by eliminating the need to excavate so deeply to install an underground pool, the pool can be built much faster and more economically.

We build our moving floor pools with the advanced Hydrofloors Movable Floor system. The installation of a bespoke pool featuring  this  system allows you to reclaim the space taken up by the pool whenever you want it for non-swimming related activities. By raising the floor with the remote control, the pool seamlessly transforms into a secure, dry surface where a multitude of activities can take place. The surface of the floor is beautifully finished to match the rest of your room. This solid floor is also highly beneficial for families with children who want to close off the pool for safety purposes.

As you would expect, installing a subterranean pool is a complex procedure which requires thorough planning and expert execution. In order to have the project completed within the designated time period and without any of the delays, it’s essential to use a company which has the expertise and professionalism to ensure your project is carried out successfully.  At LSPC, we have the capabilities to install swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, whatever your requirements. We are also an authorised dealer for the Hydrofloors Moveable Floor system and know this excellent technology inside and out, so if you’re considering constructing a basement swimming pool, send us an enquiry and one of our designers will talk you through the process.

You can see two of our moving floor pools in action here and here - enjoy!   For more information and some great photos, check out our Moving Floors Flipbook Portfolio produced with Hydrofloors.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool design, construction and refurbishment, so if you need advice on a brand new pool contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice.

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