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10 August 2015
Living the Luxe Lifestyle

Operating as we do in the luxury swimming pool market, we like to keep in tune with trends in the luxury sector.  In this blog we take a look at the fascinating super luxury lifestyles enjoyed by London’s wealthiest.  

With London now home to 80 of the UK’s 117 billionaires, making it the world’s most popular city for billionaires to live, opportunities for luxury leisure in the capital have never been greater. Thanks to its array of world-class airports, a booming property market, and a large hospitality and leisure sector, London rightly earns its title of capital city of the world.

With so much money flowing in and out of the city, it’s interesting to see how high networth individuals are spending their time and money. Beyond large business deals, here are some of the finer things in life that billionaires love to enjoy as part of a luxury lifestyle.

Seeing the world in true style
London has some of the best luxury travel opportunities in the world – and the city’s high-fliers certainly make the most of it.  With five major international airports and an even larger array of business aviation airports, London is not just convenient if you’re looking to fly to almost anywhere on the planet – it’s also the place to do it in true style. As well as an abundance of private helicopters, there are private charter flights going in and out of the capital every day for businesspeople. Furthermore, there is a wide range of some of the most luxurious first-class flight services in the world.

Take Singapore Air’s Suites Class, commonly referred to as the world’s most expensive flight. A $23,000 (USD) round-trip ticket gets you access to the airline’s exclusive ‘Private Room’ lounge, your own luxury cabin with a bed, bathroom, and entertainment suite, a world-class ‘Book the Cook’ meal service designed by Michelin-starred chefs, and much more. 

Back down on the ground, the chances one has for luxury travel are boundless. Many of the capital’s wealthiest only want the best, and this often translates into buying luxury cars and hiring private chauffeurs from some of the city’s many chauffeur companies.

London’s waterfront spaces have been a source of much interest and investment in the last few decades. This is reflected not only in the first-class restaurants and high-rises dotted around the shores of the Thames, but also in the increasing popularity of luxury yachts and private leisure boats. Many billionaires choose to travel around Europe in this way, with Britain representing the perfect jumping-off point to their favoured remote holiday destinations and private islands.

Super yachts still represent the zenith of luxury and indulgence. It’s not just about conspicuous consumption. They can offer total holiday seclusion at anchor and also present fantastic opportunities to enjoy warm waters with the family.

The desire to go sailing around the French Riviera raises many questions. The most enjoyable consideration is which beautiful yacht the future owner will find most attractive. Will they go for a sailing yacht or something sportier?  However, even the super rich must also consider how to cover the considerable running costs that come with ownership.

There are many yacht brokerages but more and more people are turning to yacht search specialists, who represent the buyer.  They can advise on all aspects of makes and models; make yacht chartering recommendations to cover costs and of course, as they only represent the buyer, they can negotiate the best possible price too, usually without cost to the buyer.

Investing in the home; investing in leisure
London has undergone a massive property boom in the last few decades, with one of the healthiest and fastest-growing markets in the world right now. Indeed, investing in property is how many of its wealthiest denizens have made their fortunes. But how do they choose to make their homes in the capital?

It is not just in the interests of wealthy property owners to improve and increase the market value of their property, but also to make it comfortable, luxurious, and unique. Many people opt to modify their homes with special features.  With land scarce in the capital, one such feature that is gaining popularity is building either up – or down. Penthouse and basement conversions are now massively popular, with many choosing to fill these with entertainment rooms, gyms and, of course, luxury swimming pools.

All of this plays into a wider trend of hiring expert architects and interior designers to really make the property stand out. For example, a pool is no longer just built as a standalone feature – it becomes the architectural centrepiece to a dedicated leisure space. Similarly, many private home cinemas are now designed not only with the latest technology, but with a unique style or look in mind. Increasing property value is no longer just about adding new features and USPs to the home, but about incorporating a feel for luxury, escapism, and enjoyment that many high networth individuals seek.

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