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18 October 2019
Tech innovations for your pool

Decades ago, opportunities to make a swimming pool really stand out were limited to small cosmetic changes or additions. Nowadays, pool owners have an enormous array of options that were previously the realms of fantasy.  Modern pools offer the chance to incorporate some seriously cool technology and make your pool a work-of-art as well as a fantastic addition to any property. Today, we're talking about innovations that joosh up your pool!

If the sun goes down, you don’t have to swim by candlelight. It's possible now to install LED lighting in a dizzying number of colours and styles. Aside from the wider choice, LEDs have also overtaken old-fashioned incandescent lighting because they can turn your pool into a showpiece; you'll want to use it as a statement when you have visitors. LEDs are flexible, smaller and more versatile than their antecedents, and can be operated remotely using a control panel. Writing for @aquamagazine, Eric Herman explains:

“Nearly every type of design feature found in today's pools can benefit aesthetically from the new generation of lighting fixtures. Just as landscape lighting designers can highlight trees, prominent plantings and hardscape features, pool lighting can now readily illuminate beach entries, Baja shelves, attached spa spillways, vanishing edges, steps and benches, attached waterfalls, laminar jets and more.”

It might seem like new technology to a layman, but it won't be long before LED lighting in pools is ubiquitous.

Underwater Sound Systems
If LED lighting impressed you, wait until you hear this - you could invest in an underwater speaker. Robert Lamb describes the tech for @howstuffworks:

“Typical models consist of a watertight, waterproof plastic speaker connected by a length of insulated speaker wire to an above-water sound system. You might choose to install the speaker inside an alcove in the pool - in which case you might use an acoustic sound lens to direct the sound waves out into the pool - or you might just attach the speaker to a rope and dangle it into the water.”

If you've ever fancied listening to music, or at least being able to hear what's playing while you're underwater, this might be the innovation for you.

Counter Current Units
We've featured this particular innovation in posts before, and with good reason.  A counter-current unit can transform a modest pool into a far longer lap by giving you something to swim against. It's a little like installing a water treadmill. You can simply set the strength of current to your desired level, and get the exercise you need without having to turn around at the end of the pool. Counter-current units are also superb for teaching children how to swim in more challenging conditions, as they might in real life.

Hidden Pool Covers
Pool covers are an essential part of owning a pool, particularly an outdoor pool. It can save you energy and time, as well as cleanup costs should debris fall into the water. However, not everyone likes the pool cover to be visible when the pool is open, and sometimes it can act as an obstacle to the water on one side once it’s rolled up. Fortunately, there's an innovation to fix this little problem too: a hidden pool cover. Stored behind a panel at the bottom of your pool, they can be extended to cover over the surface at the push of a button. When your pool isn't covered, you'll never even know it's there.

If you want to install a pool that enjoys some of this 21st-century technology or want to talk to us about adding some innovative tech to your existing pool, give us a call and talk to a member of our friendly team today.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool design, construction and refurbishment, so if you need advice on a brand new pool, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice.

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