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10 January 2018
Refurbishment: How and when to modernise your pool

Increasing numbers of pool owners are choosing to refurbish their pools, particularly in London. When a pool gets older and past its best, it might be time to update it both aesthetically and technically. Innovative plans that might have been too ambitious ten years ago are now achievable, thanks to superior technology and materials.

Outdoor Pools
One of the reasons a pool becomes outdated is because owners can struggle to find time to maintain it. This is particularly true of outdoor pools. Owners worry that a refurbishment must be carried out in spring or summer, the best time to take a swim.

In fact, work can be done over the winter months – don't be fazed by the shorter hours or inclement weather. Your pool refurbishment company can cover the pool area with a full marquee, and use lighting to increase working hours. By completing the refurbishment before spring, your pool can be ready to use when the swimming pool season starts.

New Technology
If your pool was built ten years ago or more, most likely it lacks some of the new technology gracing newer pools. Significant advances mean new pools perform to a higher standard and consume less energy than their predecessors.

In particular, new heat pumps are changing the energy demands of pools. They harvest energy from the air and use it to heat the pool, using less electricity and taking up less space. Variable speed pumps also lower costs, since they can operate at lower speeds when the pool isn't being used.

Modern pools can also take advantage of new ultraviolet and ozone disinfection systems. These use less energy to keep your water clean. Air handling systems now come with variable speed fans, automatically adjusting the rate of air flow to save power when its not needed. And there are other more obvious upgrades available, like LED lighting that will bring running costs down even further.

There are few limits to the upgrades you can choose from: one client took that to its furthest extreme, and in conjunction with London Swimming Pool Company’s (LSPC) designers and engineers built a pool that costs almost nothing to run – such is its energy efficiency and harnessing of new technology. The pool is mainly powered by eighty solar panels installed on the roof, which powers the heat pump. Obviously, this is a special project but the benefits are enormous.

Hidden Benefit
A refurbishment is occasionally not a choice, but a necessity. If there is a structural problem with the pool, like a leak, a broader programme of work may be required. During a refurbishment, you can choose a robust new finish that helps prevent future leaks and offers your pool a stylish new look. There are a variety of finishes available, even some that may not have been so popular when your pool was built in the first place, including stainless steel.

While pool refurbishment companies have a team of in-house designers to liaise with clients, the client's input is paramount, and designers will incorporate your vision into the refurbishment plan. They may create a series of options for the client to consider and choose from – there may be options you aren't even aware of.

If you're considering a refurbishment, get in touch with our team today. We take our clients through the entire process, from planning to implementation to post-refurbishment servicing. There's no need to wait for the sun to shine to start the process.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool design, construction and refurbishment, so if you need advice on a brand new pool, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice.

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