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10 October 2017
Trends in swimming pools

When choosing the design for a new pool, potential owners are often unaware of the variety of options available. A swimming pool needn't be a simple white square, it can be built to exact specifications – and can incorporate a wide array of features. In this post, we take a look at the brilliant additions and design features that pool owners and hotels are choosing.

Underwater windows
Although this feature was prohibitively expensive in the past, underwater windows have come into vogue in recent years. They're classic and stylish, reminding observers of opulence from the 1960s. They owe much of their recent popularity to the increasing availability of acrylic plexiglass and the wider variety of options. Underwater windows can be made to fit almost any shape or space, including the circular form that's often used at aquariums.

However, underwater windows have also proven popular with swimming instructors. It allows them to observe learners at eye level, meaning they can watch the stroke and style of learners. It's also useful for choreographers trying to rehearse with synchronised swimming teams. Critique is much easier, so improvements are made faster.

Infinity pools
This kind of feature is not a new one to pool owners, but the new range of choice may come as a surprise. It isn't just a seamless edge – pools can now be bottomless or even sideless. By using a little visual trickery, architects use materials like black slate to create the illusion of a ‘bottomless’ pool. For owners looking to take maximum advantage from limited space, these kinds of tricks are valuable indeed.

If that wasn't enough to inspire you, consider the wonder your guests will feel when they see an infinity pool with waterfalls. As has been seen in some luxury locations, an infinity pool can be a seamless addition to the side of a property, featuring waterfalls on the exposed edges.

Counter current units
As featured in our previous blog, counter current units are the latest piece of technology being added to pool designs. This technology generates a current, like that of a river, to swim against. There are several practical applications, but many owners find it an excellent way of ‘extending’ a pool where space restrictions are a challenge. It is especially useful for training or working out since the current makes it more difficult to complete a lap.

Moving floors
If space is an issue in the construction of your indoor or outdoor private pool, consider installing a moving floor in the pool. By choosing a pool with a moving floor, you can have  your beautiful swimming pool, but when you’re ready to use the space for non-swimming activity, can reclaim the space for any other social activity.. With the push of a button, the moving floor rises to the top of the pool and the water is covered by a solid floor - guests won’t even realise there’s a pool underneath.

This trend has been growing for the past decade, offering pool owners the chance to change the depth of their pool, too. Learners can enjoy a shallow swim, without worrying about straying into the deep end. It makes sense since this type of technology was first used in public pools. It was a chance to offer a tailored swimming experience to adults, children, babies, and people having therapeutic treatment.

Ultimately, trends don't have to dictate what kind of pool you choose to build. On the other hand, it's always good to be inspired by the current possibilities available.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool design, construction and refurbishment, so if you need advice on a brand new pool, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice.

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