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09 December 2014
Walking on water with Hydrofloors® Moveable Floor

When you think of a luxury swimming pool, you probably imagine a space dedicated exclusively to the pool where only swimming and relaxation takes place.  But what if the space earmarked for the pool needs to work harder, for example, because you host a lot of functions and parties?

This dilemma is taken care of by installing a swimming pool with a moving floor, enabling the home owner to reclaim the space whenever they need it for non-aquatic activities.  When the moving floor is activated, the swimming pool can be completely covered to create a solid floor.

London Swimming Pool Company (LSPC) specialises in the design and build of super luxury swimming pools with moving floors, and offers different technological solutions to meet clients’ needs.  LSPC is an official dealer for one of the most advanced systems on the market, the Hydrofloors® Moveable Floor system, which can be installed in both indoor and outdoor pools of any shape and size.

Hydrofloors® is an innovative company that focuses primarily on the concept, design and custom manufacture of complex systems for covering and dividing swimming pools. Its moveable floor system enables a swimming pool to be transformed into a multi-purpose area, giving clients the best of both worlds - when lowered, a luxurious pool for full depth swimming and pool parties, and when raised to deck level, a solid, secure floor for social gatherings; the closest a client will get to walking or dancing on water!

Outdoors, the moveable floor converts the pool into a terrace for alfresco entertainment, and indoors, it converts the pool hall into a room for multiple purposes.

With the ability to control the floor level, the water depth can to be adjusted for specific needs – clients can choose pre-set depths or have the moveable floor mechanism set so that a push of the button on the remote control stops the floor at literally any level desired.

How it Works
Hydrofloors® Moveable Floor system is composed of a floating stainless steel structure pulled down via cables and a pulley system by means of a water based hydraulic ram.  This system is both hidden and safe.  Integrated under the structure of the pool are buoyancy packs that allow its natural position to float on the water.  Once deck level is reached, the structure locks into the pool shell walls, increasing the maximum load supported by the structure.

See a Hydrofloors® pool in action

Dividing a Pool
Using a submersible boom system, a pool can be divided into distinct zones, for instance, separating an indoor and outdoor pool or experienced swimmers from casual bathers; and it can be used in conjunction with the moveable floor system to provide ultimate flexibility.

LSPC was recently commissioned by architect and main contractor, Janine Stone to build a moving floor pool, and designed this (above) striking 15.8m x 3.2m metre classic pool featuring two magnificent Roman Ends.  Click here for more information on this stunning pool and spa.

If you require assistance with a spec for a moving floor pool or simply have questions, email us at

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