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20 December 2016
Options for your wellness area - dry saunas, steam rooms and ice baths

We have come to expect wellness facilities in luxury hotels and private leisure centres to pamper ourselves when on holiday, or while away on a business trip. The desire for such facilities has also become popular with homeowners, with people installing one or more  wellness facilities to create their own haven. This includes dry saunas, steam rooms and ice baths, often alongside a luxury pool. As well providing the perfect way to relax or revitalise, these facilities add a touch of glamour to the home. Here we take a look at how saunas, steam rooms and ice baths can improve your health and well-being.

Dry Saunas
There are several health benefits of using a dry sauna. The intense heat will cause you to sweat, releasing stored up toxins through the skin. Additionally, sitting in a luxurious dry sauna regularly for short periods of time can be good for your heart: the effect is similar to mild exercise as it increases the heart rate and allows for optimum blood flow. It can also ease unpleasant muscle pain, help with chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and several skin conditions. Overall, dry saunas can do wonders for the body.

Steam Rooms
Differing from dry saunas in that there is 100% humidity inside as opposed to around 10% in a dry sauna, a well-functioning steam room may often feel as hot as a dry sauna, but in fact does not need to be. Because of the complete humidity, sweat will not evaporate in a steam room, meaning you will feel hotter than the temperature may suggest you should. The main beneficiary is your skin. Steam rooms are much gentler on all types of skin as your body is not forced to dry out before beginning to perspire. Beyond this, sitting in a steam room can be great for reducing sinus problems, clearing the lungs; and inhalation of steam may even be beneficial if you suffer from allergies.

Ice Baths
Especially beneficial immediately after exercise, having an ice bath is a great idea if you want to focus on helping your body recover as effectively as possible after a workout. Sitting in cold water (typically 12 to 15 degrees centigrade) after exercising helps your body to rejuvenate because it causes your blood vessels to constrict, thereby flushing out the lactic acid that your body has produced during your workout. This is necessary because a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles will mean your muscles do not function at their best and can lead to a feeling of tiredness. That’s why ice baths leave you feeling so refreshed and invigorated!

If you are truly invested in your health, having a dry sauna, steam room or ice bath as part of your home sauna alongside your pool is a worthwhile investment. Of course, it’s always advisable to make sure they are well maintained so that they operate at peak efficiency.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool design, construction and refurbishment, so if you need advice on a brand new pool, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice.

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