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Our highly skilled designers work closely with architects and clients on the design and build of pools, spas and leisure areas for both private and commercial installations.

At the project concept stage, we have a detailed discussion with the architect, without charge, to enable initial concepts to move forward to a design principal. A flow of workable ideas allows us to supply a preliminary performance specification - this is priced prior to nomination. Upon commission, we consult with the project structural engineer and then submit detailed drawings for construction.

Once the client has confirmed the core concept for the pool and/or spa installation, our designers take full responsibility for the project, from initial design through to construction and landscaping where relevant. We provide detailed design proposals, with all equipment and materials for construction itemised and priced individually.

We handle a wide variety of pools, from a simple lap pool to highly complex projects including infinity edge, linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow and letterbox surface flow – all of which require the inclusion of surface distribution channels and balance tank controls.

Quality as Standard

Our designs always include:

  • A flow schematic
  • Hydraulic design criteria
  • Air duty with AHU specification and duct routes with sizes
  • Flow pipe sizing
  • Filter/pump and water treatment specification
  • Plan and section of plantroom
  • Plan and section of pool/spa with all penetrations for waterflow and lighting
  • Builders’ works detail can also be incorporated

The complexities of design and construction, particularly in central London where space limitation is common, means that we work closely with project architects, structural engineers, M&E consultants and interior designers. This fusion of disciplines results in outstanding design and build of swimming pool and spa projects, which are always delivered on time and on budget.

Technology, Finishes and Floors

As a market leader, LSPC brings the latest technology to pool design and installation including:

  • High efficiency and environmentally friendly heating systems.
  • A wide selection of LED lighting systems from brand leaders such as Wibre and EVAoptic, which create dramatic effects in and around the pool and spa area.
  • An amazing array of interior and exterior pool and spa finishes including high performance man-made finishes such as porcelain and glass mosaic. We work with a wide range of tile producers including Stonegres, Bisazza, Waxman, Vetruvius and designer Craig Bragdy Design, to create exquisite finishes.
  • Innovative moving floor pools from leading suppliers including Hydrofloors, manufacturers of the advanced Hydrofloors Moveable Floor System. LSPC is an authorised Hydrofloors Dealer. Adjustable moving floors are used on indoor and outdoor pools to create multi-purpose areas. When the adjustable floor covers the pool, the swimming area is instantly transformed into a solid floor that can be used for a multitude of purposes from an outdoor terrace to an indoor orchestral practice hall.