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31 January 2015
LSPC Wins Two Industry Pool Awards

London Swimming Pool Company's state-of-the-art energy efficient swimming pool has won the Energy Efficiency Award in the UK Pool & Spa Awards and the Sustainability Award in the British Pool & Hot Tubs Awards. 

The client, who has expertise in energy efficiency, wanted the lap pool to run at very low cost – he wanted to stretch technology as far as possible to see what could be achieved.

Working closely with the client and architect Wolstenholme and Partners, LSPC designed and built this 20 x 3m and 1.4m deep, sleek minimalist pool to run on a fraction of the cost of an indoor pool of equivalent size.  The pool is housed in a purpose built, fully-insulated barn which locks in heat. The roof is covered with 80 photovoltaic panels generating electricity. Electrical energy powers the plant which operates the ground source heat pumps providing all the heat needed for the pool hall and pool water, which remains at a constant 28⁰C.

The plantroom equipment includes a Heatstar Andromeda unit that was tailor-made for the client’s specific energy saving needs. All plantroom equipment has been insulated - Foamglas was used to insulate the sub level, and pipework, ductwork and filters are insulated with foil-coated glass fibre. The filters use glass bead media for high performance filtration with expected lower energy consumption.

A custom-designed computerised control panel in the plantroom controls the pool temperature - LSPC provided the hardware and the programme and controller were designed by the client.  The control panel allows the pool to be heated while the cover remains on the pool.  The computerised control system allows the pumps to run at a lower speed when the pool is unused, this is unlike a conventional pool where the pumps continue working at the usual rate.  By controlling the speed at which the pumps run, the pool uses far less energy. At the same time, the air temperature within the pool hall reduces.

This pool features sleek lines with high quality stainless steel floor inlets that provide efficient water distribution.  Inlets in the pool floor allow heated water to return to the pool, assisting an efficient flow of water to the letterbox weir system.  The low energy consumption theme is carried through to the pool lighting with EVA Optic’s high efficient LED lighting.

LSPC’s managing director, Jamie Smith said, “This pool is an engineering feat brought about by a determination to be cutting edge.  Winning the Energy Efficiency Award is a marvellous tribute to the vision and hard work of our team, the client and the architects.

London Swimming Pool Company is London’s premier pool company with 42 industry accolades for pool design, build and refurbishment. The company designs, builds and refurbishes all types of pools and spas at luxury residences in London and the Home Counties, as well as undertaking ambitious commercial projects for schools, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities. When pools are completed, LSPC provides full servicing and maintenance for clients.

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