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08 February 2013
Moving Floor Pool Stars in TV Show on HGTV, Dallas

HGTV, a North-American TV channel specialising in home and property shows, featured one of LSPC’s moving floor pools in the programme Cool Pools which was aired in February 2013.

The film crew spent a full day shooting and the producer conducted in-depth interviews with an LSPC director and the client (a property developer).

The genius of a moving pool floor was captured on film by a combination of diving and lap swimming by some gorgeous young things with the floor lowered and of salsa dancing taking place on top of the floor in the raised position whilst Latin-American tunes filled the subterranean leisure area. This type of versatile yet luxurious multi-purpose exercise and entertainment area is increasingly popular in London where building extensions may often only be possible within the footprint of the property below ground.

To view the film, visit the case study page and click "watch video" located beneath the first image on this page.

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