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24 August 2015
Relax with our special offer - try something different in your pool: WATSU

London Swimming Pool Company has teamed up with Melanie Duckett, a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a special interest in Hydrotherapy, to offer an amazing Watsu aquatic therapy session – free of charge!  The Watsu offer is open to the first15 private pool owners who contact Melanie before the end of October 2015.  Contact Melanie on 07816 668 390 or email her at

Melanie, who runs of MD Physiotherapy, explains Watsu and its benefits: 

We have all dreamed about total relaxation, your summer holiday soon becomes a distant memory. However, those who are fortunate to have access to a home pool could experience the wonderfully relaxing effects of Watsu.

What is Watsu?
Watsu is an aquatic therapy which helps to heal the body and mind. Delivered by a qualified practitioner, pool owners are treated to a 1-to-1 relaxing therapy.  You can see Watsu in action here.

How it started
Watsu was started in the 1980s by Harold Dull who combined the benefits of warm water and shiatsu massage. Scientist are realising the benefits of water and what a positive effect it can have, not only does the warm water and choreographed movement patterns help to ease the stresses and strains in the body, they also help to ease the mind.

What to expect
After a brief assessment you are led into the pool, encouraged to close your eyes and just simply breathe, when you’re ready the therapy will begin. You will be taken through a series of movement patterns and gentle manipulations which are choreographed according to your needs. There is no submersion but your ears can get a little wet (ear plugs are optional). The special offer session will take approximately one hour.

One off Free offer 
London Swimming Pool Company clients can take advantage of a free one hour Watsu treatment in their own home. The offer is open to residents in South West area of London until the end of October 2015. The session will be delivered by me, Melanie Duckett. I’m a qualified physiotherapist and WABA (worldwide aquatic bodywork registry) member. Contact melanie on 07816 668 390 or email her at

About Melanie Duckett
Melanie Duckett has been a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a special interest in Hydrotherapy for over 10 years.  She has worked within the NHS, the British Army, national sports teams and premiership clubs, as well as the general working public.

Melanie is based in Twickenham and New Malden, where she runs a successful private physiotherapy clinic, MD Physiotherapy Ltd. Over the last few years she has developed an interest in Watsu realising its benefits with regards to many common injuries such as low back, shoulders to hip and ankle pain and how well it complements physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments.  Over her years of experience Melanie has realised the importance of relaxing clients to enable them to carry out either physiotherapy tasks or normal activities of daily living which have become difficult due to stress. 

What clients say:
Incredible feeling to be held, it was so relaxing and safe, I remembered happy childhood memories which were long forgotten.
Rachel, London

I’m not used to being held and at first found it difficult to relax however once I did, I felt the back pain relax and I was able to walk taller again.
Chirstelle, London

So relaxing, I didn’t want it to end.
Mike, Sunbury on Thames

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