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28 April 2020


We are taking all the necessary measures to protect our staff and clients whilst we are all acclimatising to these new conditions.  We are continuing to service the pools and spas of our clients while maintaining all government guidelines on social distancing and safe hygiene practices before arriving at a client’s premises, whilst on site attending to the pool/spa servicing and on departure.   

In line with recommendations to help stop the spread of Covid-19, all our staff have been fully trained and updated on the procedures to keep clients and themselves protected during the pandemic. The safety measures include:

  • Educating our engineers and office-based staff on prevention
  • Emphasising the need for frequent and proper hand washing
  • Providing hand sanitiser and protective gloves
  • Practising social distancing from clients while engineers are on site
  • Conducting briefings and communications with engineers remotely 

Our fully trained pool and spa engineers have always travelled alone, and continue to do so, they do not need to have any contact with a client during a servicing visit, and they have all preventative measures in place.  On arrival to a property, the engineer will be maintaining the recommended minimum 2-metre distance from anyone at the property, and we request the kind cooperation of clients with this.

Any client who has special requirements for their servicing visit, must advise LSPC of this prior to the visit.   

Should anyone in the household have Covid-19 symptoms, they must advise us and we will put the servicing visit on hold until it is safe to visit.

We want clients to have use of their pools/spas during this very difficult time and exercise will only help to make the situation less of a problem.

If you have any questions, please contact our team on 020 8605 1255 or email



New pool building and refurbishment work can only take place if LSPC staff can work without contravening the minimum two metre social distancing requirement.  Consequently only minor works, where one member of staff is needed to do the work, can be undertaken at the present time.  Should you have a pool build or larger refurbishment project that you would like us to consider, we are happy to discuss this, but work will only commence when the social distancing restrictions are lifted.


The information below is an extract of an article published by our industry body, the Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association (SPATA).

Pools and hot tubs require regular dosing of a sanitiser to keep the water healthy and there does not appear to be any evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the water in pools and hot tubs. Pool professionals provide expertise, chemical supplies and servicing and are therefore able to help their customers maintain their facilities in a safe condition.

Manufacturers and distributors of pool and hot tub chemicals are working with the pool trade to provide much-needed sanitisers to their clients. These ensure that owners can look after their pool or hot tub, to ensure their water is safe and free from harmful bacteria that can pose a risk to health.

Service engineers and technicians are able to attend site to deal with the repair and maintenance of pool plant and equipment to avoid possible health and safety issues, with water hygiene and electrical safety. It is vital that pools and hot tubs can be maintained correctly and often this can only be undertaken by professional service engineers. This will ensure that there are no public health issues with stagnant untreated water from various pathogens.

Existing swimming pools full of water are safer to maintain than if they are empty. Potentially there could be structural damage to the pool shell, from underground water pressure, if it is emptied unsafely.

Unfinished inground swimming pool projects must also be made safe. Part-built projects pose safety risks such as cave-ins which are dangerous and costly to resolve. There are also potential dangers to the homeowner and others resulting from an unattended construction site.

Sport England has stated that it is more important than ever for people to stay active and with public leisure centres and gyms now closed, people will need home-based activities. The owners of residential swimming pools and hot tubs can benefit from water-based exercise and wellness that can also sustain their mental health.

Last updated 29 April 2020

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