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About Us

We help you keep your pool in peak condition, ensuring crystal clear, healthy water at all times. For over 30 years London Swimming Pool Company (LSPC) has been servicing, maintaining and refurbishing swimming pools and spas at homes in London and the home counties.

We have the credentials and experience to look after any type of pool and spa regardless of style, plant technology or size. We ensure that the water temperature and hygiene are at peak performance so that you can confidently use your pool and spa whenever you wish.

By providing a first-class maintenance and water treatment service, we have built long-term relationships with clients who trust us to manage their pools and spas year in year out. As a client, we will allocate you a dedicated engineer, so that you know the person visiting your property. Your engineer builds up specific knowledge of your pool or spa so if anything extraordinary occurs with the water or plant, your engineer can correct it quickly and efficiently.

Our service engineers are highly trained to the standards of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers. And of course, security, discretion and confidentiality are integral to the service they provide.

To see the diversity of pools and spas that we currently service and maintain, visit our Showcase. All the pools featured were designed and built by the London Swimming Pool Company, however, we service any pool, not just those built by our company!

The London Swimming Pool Company has won numeroud awards for its creativity and prowess in designing stunning pools that provide years of pleasure. Here is a snapshot of industry accolades recognising our skill and expertise.