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11 July 2022
Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

Summer is finally here and pool owners are rejoicing at being able to soak up the rays while relaxing in their pools.  As your pool will be getting more use and because of the hot climate, there are certain things to consider in order to keep the pool in pristine condition over the summer.

21 June 2022
Enjoying Your Pool This Summer

With summer officially upon us, your outdoor pool has never looked so welcoming.   Summer is the prime time to really make the most of this incredible asset. As the perfect place to entertain and spend time with those closest to you, your pool will have no end of use during the warmer months. Read our essential guide to enjoying your outdoor pool all summer long.

21 May 2022
Does Your Pool Have White Deposits?

If you notice white deposits on your tiles, this is most likely an excess build up of calcium, usually the result of high pH level, high alkalinity level or high level of calcium in the water.   Calcium deposits are often due to hard water, but external factors such as changes in temperature or water evaporation can alter the chemical composition of the water, resulting in deposits. 

21 April 2022
How Your Swimming Pool Works

Swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes and, on the face of it, appear to be fairly simple – just big tanks of water.  However, there is a lot of unseen smart technology working away in and around your pool which helps to keep your water clean, safe and chemically balanced.

21 March 2022
Our Guide to Pool Servicing – Just in Time for Opening Season!

In the UK, outdoor pool opening season begins in April. With this, many proud pool owners will be refocusing their maintenance efforts to ensure their pools are ready to be enjoyed once again.

08 February 2022
Planning a Proposal by the Pool for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day took the top spot in the rundown of most popular dates to propose for the first time ever in 2020 and has remained one of the best times to pop the question ever since, and for good reason.

04 February 2022
How to spot when your pool needs attention - part 2

As we saw in part one, there are multiple issues that can impact negatively on your swimming experience; from green algae growing on the walls of the pool to fading paint and broken lights. However, when there are problems with the pool’s plant room equipment, this can represent a hazard to swimmers and could even result in an accident. For this reason, it is important to be able to recognise when your plant room equipment may not be operating correctly so that you can call in the professionals to inspect the equipment and get it fixed.

14 January 2022
Spotting When Your Pool Needs Attention - Part 1

When your pool is in working order, there’s nothing better than swimming a few lengths or even just relaxing on a lilo and catching some rays of sun.  However, when things go wrong with your pool, your swimming experience usually suffers as a consequence.  More importantly, neglecting potential problems when they first appear can result in damage to the pool which will be more expensive to repair the longer you leave it. 

13 December 2021
How to Throw a Great Christmas Pool Party

Christmas is almost upon us, and preparations will soon be in full swing. Alongside the more traditional Christmas parties, pool owners might be thinking of throwing a festive pool party for all their friends and family. However, pools require certain preparation for a larger number of people using it. A pool party will also mean more clean-up and maintenance afterwards. In this post, we take a look at what you need to host a Christmas pool party and what to do once the revellers have gone home.

23 November 2021
Tips to Care for Your Swimming Pool

There are so many advantages that go hand-in-hand with having a swimming pool of your own. An indoor or outdoor swimming pool offers the opportunity to enjoy low-impact exercise to enrich your body and relax your mind.

04 October 2021
Swimming Pool Maintenance in Surrey

While many forms of exercise such as walking are increasing in popularity in the UK (which is great for the health of the nation) swimming remains England’s most popular mass participation sport with one in every 20 people aged over 14 swimming at least once a week. (Sport England)

03 September 2021
The Benefits of Professional Pool Maintenance

On the face of it, cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool seems like a relatively straightforward task. We’ve all seen people do it, skimming a net across the surface of the water, adding some chemicals and it looks as if the job is done.  It seems so simple that some new pool owners are tempted by the novelty or to save a little money to do it themselves before realising that this DIY approach is almost always a false economy.

06 August 2021
Time to Renovate Your Pool

If the equipment in your pool is no longer functioning optimally and the aesthetics are starting to suffer due to extended use, it might be time to think about renovating. Whether you’re upgrading the plant room equipment, refurbishing the tiles or looking to  improve the pool’s structural integrity, it’s important to enlist the services of a specialist who knows the ins and outs of your particular type of pool.  If you are considering renovating because you have been losing water in the pool, performing a simple bucket test will tell you if this is happening because of evaporation or whether there is a more serious problem which needs to be addressed. 

27 July 2021
Why is Water Balance so Important?

As experts in luxury swimming pools and spas, we understand that the design and build phases are only a small part of the job.  Swimming pools, whether situated inside or outside of your home, need regular servicing to stay in tip-top condition.

03 June 2021
How Can I Prevent or Fix My Cloudy Pool?

When we think of the ideal swimming pool, we conjure up images of cool, clean water - deep blues and clear reflections.  A pool is a luxury fixture in your home that cannot be ignored for weeks on end, and then expect it to be in good condition whenever you are ready to swim. It requires regular servicing to keep it healthy and safe.  If you overlook servicing the pool, you will be rewarded with the most undesirable of all things; cloudy pool water.

15 April 2021
6 Reasons to Have a Service Level Agreement for Your Swimming Pool

A private pool is a real luxury; a place where family and friends (pandemic rules permitting)  can gather to socialise, or it can be a sanctuary for quiet downtime by the pool reading a great novel, and of course swimming is one of the best all round forms of exercise.  A pool is also an investment in your home that needs regular upkeep. 

17 March 2021
Re-Opening Your Pool for Easter

The world is finally starting to open up again and in the UK outdoor public swimming pools are set to re-open as soon as 29 March.  For those of us lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home, we could be diving back into our pools by Easter because the pool re-opening season is here!   Re-opening your garden pool is one of the most exciting moments of spring and is even more so given that many of us have been confined to home and exercise has been limited to indoor activity or a daily walk.

11 February 2021
Top 4 Things to Consider Before Your Pool Refurb

Refurbishing a swimming pool can give it a new lease of life, brighten up your outside space and give you and your family a feature you can really enjoy. If you’ve inherited a pool in a property you’ve recently purchased, a refurb will give you the chance to repair any parts that have been neglected and adapt the design to suit your needs. If you’re planning on giving your swimming pool a bit of attention this year, here are four things to consider before you arrange your refurb.

11 December 2020
Why it’s Important to Service Your Outdoor Pool in Winter

We love our outdoor pools. They provide us with so much fun during the spring and summer months and this year pools have been more vital than ever before given the need for us to stay at home much more than normal. The only downside of having an outdoor pool is the fact that it must remain closed for half of the year to protect it from the UK’s inclement weather.

06 November 2020
Refurbishing Your Pool: When is the Right Time and What Should You Consider?

It's a bit of an understatement to say that this summer has been unusual.  As the global pandemic hit, millions of us were encouraged to stay at home. It is perhaps little wonder that many of us who could, started spending much more time in our swimming pools. The additional hours spent practising strokes, swimming lengths or just relaxing by the pool will have been a much-needed respite, but as you spend more time in your pool you probably began to notice things that might have otherwise passed you by.

27 August 2020
How Often Should My Pool Be Serviced?

Owning a swimming pool is a truly marvellous thing.  With many of us still staying at home at the moment, swimming in your own pool is a fantastic way to keep fit and have fun with your immediate family. During the pandemic, many more people have been enquiring about installing a private pool when it’s safe to do so and one of the primary topics that crops up in discussion is looking after the pool.

24 July 2020
Hydrotherapy Pool Maintenance Tips

Hydrotherapy pools are warm water pools that are used to treat people who have  physical health problems or special needs. Hydrotherapy is an enormously helpful treatment for a range of conditions including arthritis, rheumatism, muscular pain, circulation problems and injury, such as those arising from sports injury and accidents.  Physiotherapy treatment has been greatly enhanced by the introduction of hydrotherapy pools at hospitals and care facilities.

08 June 2020
Why is My Pool Water Hreen and How Do I Fix It?

There is an indescribable joy in having your own swimming pool – there’s nothing like stepping out into the sunshine and gazing at the crystal-clear water beckoning you to take a refreshing dip. But we’ve all probably experienced that one time when we are not greeted with shimming clear water, but a cloudy green haze that looks about as inviting as a bath of baked beans.  Why do pools turn green and what can we do to fix it and to stop it from happening again?

26 May 2020
What to Expect From A Service Engineer

A luxury swimming pool is likely to be one of the bigger investments you make in your enhancing home and leisure time. To protect your investment and get the most enjoyment from your pool, you really should plan for its care, not wait for a mishap and then be scrambling around to find a good engineer to fix the problem. Ahead of any issue, consider hiring a reliable, qualified and experienced professional who becomes your regular pool engineer.

12 May 2020
A to Z of Swimming Pool Terminology

Baffled by the abundance of swimming pool terminology?  Our jargon buster explains common terms and some include links to helpful articles on our website.  We hope you find the A to Z helpful.  If you spot a key term that is not included, email and let us know – we will consider adding it to the list.

28 April 2020
Infographic: 10 signs your pool needs repairing

Dip into our infographic for a fast way to learn about common servicing problems that may crop up on your swimming pool. Ten signs that your swimming pool needs to be repaired identifies the problems and gives practical advice on the next step, whether that's you undertaking the repair work, or its one for a pool specialist.

18 February 2020
Why You Should Open your Pool Early

One of the main questions pool owners ask themselves at this time of year is when to re-open their outdoor pool after the mandatory winter hibernation period. Of course, you should ensure that your pool is being serviced at least every 6 weeks during this downtime, but when do you actually book in your opening service and what does that process look like? There are several schools of thought on the issue, but we believe that when it comes to opening your pool, preparation is key so the sooner, the better.

12 February 2020
Fall in love with your pool : Valentine’s Day pool party

Although Valentine’s Day has been a celebration of love for over two centuries, in recent decades our displays of affection have grown more and more elaborate. People aren’t content with a well-meaning card any more. There are hundreds of gift ideas to be found online and most retailers have some tempting Valentine’s Day offering.

02 October 2019
How to Make Your Swimming Pool Child Friendly

Every pool owner with young children will be keenly aware of the need to be vigilant when children are in and around their swimming pool.  The important first step is to ensure that children learn to swim as young as possible and continue with lessons to develop water confidence, technique and become safety aware.

08 August 2019
Coolest New Pool Gadgets and Toys

If you’re going to really make the most of your pool, be it outdoor or indoor, you can invest in a few pool gadgets. From tools that automatically clean your pool to toys, games and novelty inflatables, we’ve amassed a few of the less conventional gadgets and gizmos that will keep you entertained all summer.

15 July 2019
How to Combat Algae in Swimming Pools

Owning a pool comes with a certain level of responsibility, particularly when it comes to maintenance and the health of the pool water.  A poorly maintained pool will quickly become unusable and the longer the neglect continues, the longer it will take to rectify problems. This is the case with algae, a naturally occurring problem for pools if proper attention is not given to maintaining good circulation, filtration and sanitisation. We look at how to keep algae at bay.

15 April 2019
Why Does My Pool Water Taste Salty?

If you’ve noticed a recent change in the smell or taste of your pool water, it could indicate unhealthy changes to the chemical composition of the water. If the water tastes salty to you, it generally means that something is amiss with the water’s TDS level.

29 March 2019
Four Reasons Why Your Pool May Need Refurbishment

A well-designed pool that harmonises with your property not only makes a statement, it also provides lots of opportunities to luxuriate, relax and have fun. Part of a pool’s charm is its versatility; it can be used to help your children learn to swim, allow you to keep fit and is a spectacular focal point for a party. 

07 January 2019
The importance of professional pool care

There is no doubt that being a responsible pool owner will dramatically lengthen the lifespan of your pool. Small tasks, done regularly, will prevent minor issues from becoming full-blown problems that require expensive and time-consuming repairs. Our blog is full of posts featuring useful tips to maintain your pool; information on cleaning, renovating and pool care can all be found here. 

15 November 2018
Keeping your pool free of odour and eye irritants

Children love to swim but sometimes they experience eye irritation. If you find that your pool water causes eye irritation regularly and is accompanied by an unusual odour, there may be an issue with the pool water sanitisation.

18 September 2018
Top Winter Pool Care Tips

Summer is almost over, and temperatures are starting to drop across the country. For outdoor pool owners, this means it's time to start thinking about covering the pool and preparing it for the cold winter ahead. If you don't prepare properly, you may need to perform some serious maintenance when warming temperatures arrive in spring.

19 June 2018
5 Ways to Revamp your Outdated Pool

If your pool was built several years ago, or you have moved into a property with a pool, it might be looking worse for wear. A previous owner may not have maintained it properly or the style may just not be to your liking. If your pool is tired-looking or outdated, it's time for a revamp, it’s much easier than you realise. What choices are available? In this post, we take a look at some ways you can revamp an outdated pool.

04 April 2018
Strangest pool care questions we've ever been asked

Owning a pool comes with responsibilities, like maintenance and care. From ensuring the right chemical mix and the water levels to cleaning filters and emptying skimmer baskets, there's plenty to remember. You should never hesitate to ask your pool technician for advice. However, every so often engineers get asked questions that take them completely by surprise. In this post, we take a look at the strangest pool care questions we've ever been asked – some are stranger than others!

05 March 2018
Relining your pool

A vinyl pool liner is used in lieu of concrete or stainless steel as a membrane to keep your water from draining away. Liner pools cost less to build, and you'll be able to see the top edge of the liner locked around the edge of the pool. However, they are subject to more wear and tear and are more easily damaged than a concrete or stainless steel pool.

24 January 2018
5 things you should know about pool care

Looking after your pool is the best way to ensure it stays in peak condition throughout the year. In this post, we look at five things to keep in mind when considering your pool's general health.

24 November 2017
Signs your pool water could be harmful

When swimmers use your pool, they inadvertently introduce bacteria into the water. If your water is untreated, bacteria can multiply and spread, causing several problems. On the other hand, if your pool is over-chlorinated it can cause unpleasant side effects for swimmers. In this post, we take a look at some of the signs that might indicate your pool water isn't at its best.

24 October 2017
Tools everyone with a swimming pool should be using

The key to keeping your pool in great condition is proper maintenance. Whilst you should hire an expert to perform a regular service on your pool, smaller cleaning and upkeep is something you can do yourself. There are several extremely useful tools that every owner should invest in to make cleaning that much easier, in between a fortnightly or weekly servicing.

24 September 2017
Why we love pool maintenance

All pool owners should follow the mantra of “little, and often”. A regular servicing schedule allows the pool engineers to keep your pool in top condition all year round. It also makes individual tasks more straightforward and means the pool will always be ready for you to use. A regular service also prevents bigger problems from taking hold with pre-emptive action.

24 August 2017
Closing your outdoor pool for winter

Although we wish Britain had the climate to support an outdoor pool all year round, it gets rather too cold in the autumn and winter months. As the summer sunshine begins to wane, you'll need to think about closing your outdoor pool. It's essential in preserving the lifespan of the pool and its equipment. Most people in this country choose to “winterise” or close their pool in late September.

24 June 2017
The ultimate cheat sheet on pool maintenance

Although it may seem daunting at times, pool maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult — as long as you take small and frequent steps to keep things ticking over. Whether you’re losing water, or noticing some signs of algae growth, here’s our quick cheat sheet to keep your pool in order.

28 April 2017
10 signs your pool needs servicing

Pools are a great addition to any home - they allow people the time and space to pursue a healthy swim, or a relaxing rest by the water, at their leisure. Being a pool owner comes with a set of responsibilities, however. Like any other room or space at home, a pool requires maintenance and upkeep. Ensuring that you consult a regular service technician is the best way to keep your pool running smoothly and to avoid the most common issues that all pool owner’s face at one time or another.

19 April 2017
Make the most of your pool re-opening

One of the best things about spring is that it signals the start of the swimming pool season. Longer days, warmer weather and sunshine make the season the perfect time to re-open an outdoor pool and get it ready for use.  Here at LSPC, we’re already well underway with pool openings for clients as most people prefer to have a professional tackle this.  In this blog, we share some important information to ensure your pool opening is done just right.

24 March 2017
5 Myths about pool servicing

In order to keep them in good condition, swimming pools need regular care and attention throughout the year and that includes servicing outdoor pools during the winter when they are closed for the  season. From adding chemicals to the water to cleaning the surface, pools need TLC if they’re going to stay looking great and working perfectly.  Though maintenance needs to be regular, it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, servicing a swimming pool is probably easier that you think.  Here we debunk five common myths:

24 February 2017
Filter choices for your pool

For healthy swimming, it’s vital that the pool water is always clean and properly filtered, this will not only prevent any potential waterborne diseases taking hold, it will ensure that the volume and the cost of chemical treatments for your pool are well managed. There are different types of filters from which to choose and we look at three – two long-standing options and one relatively recent development; all achieve a high level of water purity.

10 January 2017
How to solve some of the biggest problems with pools

Though a well built, well designed and well-maintained swimming pool should run perfectly week in, week out, occasionally even the most exclusive pools have problems. Luckily, in most cases, problems with swimming pools are easy to resolve. Requiring just a little intervention and some careful monitoring, fixing an issue with your pool should be relatively straightforward.

25 November 2016
Waterfall choices for your pool

Water features can add an extra sparkle to your pool making it even more inviting, livelier, brighter and luxurious. There are many types of water features to choose from, whether for an indoor or outdoor pool, here we take a brief look at the options and give a few tips on maintaining a waterfall.

27 October 2016
Upgrade your pool plantroom for the best performance

Your swimming pool will last you a lifetime – assuming it has been well-designed and well-built,  and you follow the ‘little and often’ servicing mantra and look after both the pool plantroom and the pool itself. 

11 October 2016
Celebrate Christmas by your outdoor pool

Yes, it sounds a little zany; Christmas and outdoor swimming pools don’t usually go together, well not in the UK’s wintery climes. But, believe it or not, some fun-loving pool owners have started a new trend by keeping their pools open beyond the usual closing period.

05 October 2016
Is it time to refresh your pool liner?

Whilst LSPC Contracting focuses exclusively on high-end luxury pool design and installation, the servicing and refurbishment team tackles a wide range of pool maintenance and repairs and has considerable experience replacing worn, damaged or out-of-fashion vinyl liners, returning the pool to its former healthy, attractive condition.

12 August 2016
Getting water circulation right in your pool

Proper water circulation in a swimming pool is considered to be absolutely fundamental to its functioning, and with good reason. As Swim University highlights: “Circulation of the pool water allows you to filter your water, which is cleaning. It also helps to spread the chemicals you add to the water, like stirring a cup of coffee after adding cream and sugar.”

10 June 2016
How can an automatic chemical dosing system benefit my pool?

The chemical makeup of your pool water is extremely important to both the safety and usability of your pool. If your pool water tastes salty, has changed colour or turned cloudy, or if you find yourself constantly relying on chemical additives to keep your pool water clean, there may be an issue with your pool’s chemical composition. This could lead to long-term issues requiring careful correction, upkeep, and maintenance. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

20 May 2016
Getting ventilation right in your pool hall

One of the most important factors in keeping your indoor pool safe, comfortable, and easy to use is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  This refers to the level of pollutants contained within the air indoors, and must be carefully regulated to ensure there are no short or long-term health risks associated with the use of your pool.

01 March 2016
You’ve just bought a home with a pool – what next?

A recent study revealed that the most desired leisure facility for luxury home buyers  is a private swimming pool. Buying a property that already has a swimming pool is very popular – as well as the obvious benefits of swimming at home whenever you want, you own a property with a valuable asset. While a ready-installed pool means you don’t have the pleasure of bespoking it to your personal taste, you can start enjoying the pool straightaway; that is assuming the previous owner has left it in tip top condition!

13 January 2016
Reducing pool chemical consumption

One of the main products needed for the upkeep of your swimming pool are chemicals - they play a number of key roles when it comes to disinfecting and sterilising the water and are vital to ensure your pool is clean and safe for regular use.  There are good practice guidelines for treating pools with the right chemicals, but sometimes simple steps are overlooked, or mistakes made that lead to inefficient use of chemicals which in turn leads to unnecessary cost. This blog gives tips to help you avoid this.

23 November 2015
Make sure your pool maintenance goes swimmingly

One of the joys of having your own pool is being able to swim on a whim – whether that’s an early morning invigorating dip to pep you up for a busy day running the family or luxuriating in the pool after a hectic day running your business empire!  Whatever your favourite time for a swim, you’ll want to be greeted with sparkling water that looks, feels and smells great.

02 November 2015
What do the chemicals in your pool actually do?

Whether you’re looking at buying a pool for the first time or a long-term pool owner, you’ll no doubt be aware that a number of steps are taken to ensure that a pool – be it indoor or outdoor – is clean and safe for human use.

14 September 2015
Winterise your pool, then keep it serviced

With luck, the sun will shine throughout September allowing you to swim to your heart’s content but soon the inevitable closing period will be upon us. As the nights draw in and the cold creep of winter works its way across the country, you will start thinking about closing your outdoor pool, but will you also be thinking about servicing the pool while it’s closed?

23 June 2015
Looking after your spa, sauna and hot tub

There’s no better way to relax after a hard day’s work than by unwinding in your luxury home spa.  It’s pretty hard not to shrug off the stresses of corporate life when you’re relaxing in the sauna or enjoying the soothing bubbles in the hot tub.  However, if you don’t follow a regular maintenance schedule, a home spa can quickly lose its allure.  In this blog we give you a few key tips to help you keep your spa, sauna and hot tub in perfect condition - and ready to use whenever you need to chill out.

20 April 2015
Handling 3 common pool water problems

Having your own luxury pool is a fantastic investment in your home, lifestyle, health and fitness; and pool owners do their utmost to ensure their pools are in tip top condition all year round. With all that care and attention, it can be disconcerting if a problem with the pool water emerges. Discoloured pool water makes a pool look unwelcoming, and in some cases this is indicative of a bigger problem that needs to be corrected before the pool can function as normal. Fortunately, most pool water faults can be easily diagnosed by a qualified service engineer who can get the pool running optimally and looking great in no time. In this blog we look at three of the most common pool water problems.

13 March 2015
Which filter for your pool?

Even the most illustriously designed swimming pool, complete with cascading waterfalls and picturesque rock formations, will not be inviting if the water isn’t crystal clear. If the water looks dull and unappealing, this is probably due to a buildup of impurities caused by inadequate pool filtration equipment. There are two main types of pool filter - sand and cartridge. There is also the option of swapping sand media for glass media filtration. Each option has its own unique attributes, which we cover in this blog.

11 December 2014
The importance of pH Level

Two of the most important elements for your pool water chemistry are pH level and total alkalinity – in simple terms pH is an indication of whether the water has acid or alkaline properties and total alkalinity is a measure of how much alkaline substances are in the water. 

31 October 2014
Lighting up your swimming pool

This is Jason Beirne’s final bog as a Service Engineer at LSPC. Jason will continue blogging in his new role as Trainee Project Designer at the Contracting arm of London Swimming Pool Campany.  From December yuou can follow Jason's blog in this section.

09 October 2014
Inspired by London landmarks, Jason Beirne, LSPC Service Engineer

Something happens whenever I see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben - the iconic landmarks stirs up childhood memories of coming to see Trooping the Colour; a mixture of pride and nostalgia.  Just because we work in and around London, it doesn't mean to say we get to see the landmarks every day so personally I try not to take it for granted.

23 September 2014
Closing your pool for the winter

As summer comes to a close and the temperature starts to drop, you will want to close your outdoor pool for the winter.  In a county with a seasonal climate such as Britain, most people choose to winterise their pool in the latter half of September.

10 September 2014
On the road with Jason Beirne, LSPC Service Engineer

Welcome to my monthly blog; I will share with you my experiences of looking after clients’ pools and will be happy to answer any questions you have – just email me at enquiries@londonswimmingpools.com.

31 July 2014
Why buy a pool cover?

Trying to decide whether you really need a swimming pool cover?  You will derive a great deal of benefit from having a cover and here’s why. 

24 July 2014
Great to be of service by Jim Moss, former Head of Servicing & Refurbishment at LSPC

After two and half years at London Swimming Pool Company, soon I shall relinquish my much-loved job as Head of Servicing & Refurbishment for another overseas adventure (I hail from the USA).  Someone will step into my shoes. The recruitment ball is rolling and it won’t be long before applicants are vying for the post.  What better way to help market the job than sharing a little of my experience to bring the job to life in a way a traditional advert can’t do.

17 June 2014
My pool might be leaking

If you suspect that your swimming pool has a leak, early detection is paramount in order to avoid more complicated issues further down the road. A leaking pool can result in hundreds of gallons of water being lost every day. More seriously, it can cause severe structural damage to the pool itself and to other buildings nearby.  A leak doesn’t have to be big for there to be a huge loss of water; a miniscule hole can be an even worse problem because it’s much harder to find.  Fortunately, if you do suspect you have a leak; it’s easy to get the problem resolved before any significant damage is done.