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11 October 2016
Celebrate Christmas by your outdoor pool

Yes, it sounds a little zany; Christmas and outdoor swimming pools don’t usually go together, well not in the UK’s wintery climes. But, believe it or not, some fun-loving pool owners have started a new trend by keeping their pools open beyond the usual closing period.

Why you might ask would anyone do this?  It’s about getting the most fun out of the big party season by creating a spectacular backdrop and ambience for parties. Pool owners are keeping their outdoor pools open longer to make them a focal point of winter celebrations for family and friends. That means Halloween (which is now a big treat for many families in Britain) and Christmas – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Picture a magnificent outdoor Christmas tree with lights as well as lanterns in clear view of a shimmering swimming pool – tempting!

It may sound a little chilly, but people are finding ways to keep warm and cosy by their pools during winter. Heaters are strategically and safely placed around patio furniture, as you often see at restaurants that offer alfresco dining.  Party goers sit, swathed in cosy wraps, and watch the pool water glistening in the moonlight, drinking mulled wine. The underwater pool lighting brings the water to life, layering different types of lighting onto the landscape to create a feeling of depth and dimension, resulting in a warm and inviting ambience. If the pool is fitted with a son et lumière system, revellers can enjoy a light show to music. 

It’s also possible to be undercover outside, with a splendid heated marquee where guests can gather for a buffet and drinks – from ghoulish grub for the Halloweeners to posh nosh for Christmas and New Year soirees.

What about the pool heating you might ask? Unless you feel your guests will actually want to take a dip at this time of the year, you don’t need to worry about the cost of heating the pool – simply keep the heating off during this extended opening period and keep your regular pool servicing going to ensure your pool is in top condition. When the last of the parties are over (ie New Year’s Eve), close the pool until it’s time to re-open in spring.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool maintenance, servicing and refurbishment, so if you have a pool that’s in need of regular maintenance or a facelift, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice. If you have an older swimming pool that needs upgrading, we suggest planning your refurbishment for the autumn, so all the work is done and dusted before the next swimming season.

Photo (c): Anselmo Garrido


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