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24 July 2014
Great to be of service by Jim Moss, former Head of Servicing & Refurbishment at LSPC

After two and half years at London Swimming Pool Company, soon I shall relinquish my much-loved job as Head of Servicing & Refurbishment for another overseas adventure (I hail from the USA).  Someone will step into my shoes. The recruitment ball is rolling and it won’t be long before applicants are vying for the post.  What better way to help market the job than sharing a little of my experience to bring the job to life in a way a traditional advert can’t do.

Spoilt for Choice: My job is multi-faceted and that’s one of its best aspects – every day is different.  The role covers everything you would expect of a senior manager in a thriving company, from business and financial planning to steering a dedicated team of pool engineers.

Sales and marketing is a big part of the job – that has meant developing and implementing a sound strategy that has taken us from one point in the business to our next key growth target.  This has involved building a network of key decision-makers as sales prospects.  To do that I gather, interpret and use market intelligence to generate profitable sales leads, which keeps us ahead of the game.

Sales gives me a buzz: Luckily for me sales has always been a passion.  It surprises me how many people say it’s the thing they fear the most.  Selling gives me a buzz - I don’t mean hard-sell; I mean giving clients exactly what they want.  For me, that starts with knowing the value of our offering and understanding how that relates to the client.  Whether I’m working on a survey for a servicing and maintenance contract or tendering for a small-scale refurbishment project, it’s all about understanding what the client needs and delivering this within the allocated budget.  Finding ways to deliver tailored solutions for clients is a huge buzz.

Using expertise: Whilst I have extensive experience and knowledge of construction, filtration, water treatment and the fault analysis skills required to diagnose pool and spa problems and specify solutions, I cannot stress enough the advantages of working closely with the engineers.  The team pulls together, which is especially important at times like the present, when the weather is so good and calls increase dramatically.

Strong team spirit: Our engineers are out on service calls all day, tending to our contracted clients as well as emergency calls from pool owners who haven’t thought to go on contract – until a problem occurs!  Before ‘clocking off’, each engineer calls in at the end of the day to find out if a colleague needs assistance with their work.  We draw on each other’s technical pool knowledge to get each job done efficiently and to the high standards that we and our clients demand.  We are one team working together to give clients the best service in London.

I have worked alongside the owner and managing director to bring everyone together as a team and to focus 100% on the quality of our customer service.  The team work shines through as we respond to every call within 24 to 30 hours, which I believe is well above industry average.

The strong team spirit stems from a healthy corporate culture and is grounded in a focus on attention to detail, having professional and courteous engineers, doing things the right way (our motto is ‘if you’re going to do it, do it right the first time’), with the proper equipment and appropriately priced - just because we’re working at the luxury end of the market doesn’t mean our clients aren’t canny!

Growing the business: Working closely with the team, we have expanded the volume of small-scale pool and spa refurbishment projects we undertake in and around London by some 85% making it a vital part of the overall business.  Our sister company, LSPC Contracting, undertakes new design and build as well as large-scale pool refurbishment projects.  We are equipped to handle any refurbishment project - no job is too big or too small and there is plenty of scope for the new Head of Servicing & Refurbishment to expand the small works refurbishment side of the business even further.

About 30% of my job is company management and therefore is office-based; attending to areas such as monthly financial reporting, sales forecasts, works programmes and quality control.  But I enjoy being at the coal face so I spend a lot of time on client visits and meetings.  My personal involvement in the field working with the engineers and builders gives customers the confidence needed to win and complete jobs.  Being on the ground also cements relationships with contractors, leading to repeat business.

Great management support: Running LSPC Servicing has been a pleasure as I have had 100% support from the board.  I have been given autonomy to develop the team and to implement strategies to grow the business, to convert ad hoc clients into loyal long-termers and to build up referrals through contractors who rely on us for solutions to what seem like intractable pool problems.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool maintenance, servicing and refurbishment, so if you have a pool that’s in need of regular maintenance or a facelift, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice. If you have an older swimming pool that needs upgrading, we suggest planning your refurbishment for the autumn, so all the work is done and dusted before the next swimming season.

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