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11 February 2021
Top 4 things to consider before your pool refurb

Refurbishing a swimming pool can give it a new lease of life, brighten up your outside space and give you and your family a feature you can really enjoy. If you’ve inherited a pool in a property you’ve recently purchased, a refurb will give you the chance to repair any parts that have been neglected and adapt the design to suit your needs. If you’re planning on giving your swimming pool a bit of attention this year, here are four things to consider before you arrange your refurb.

1. How will you use your pool?
Before you start out on your pool refurb, it’s important to think about how exactly you’re going to use the space. If the way you use your pool has changed over the years, you may want to update its design to suit your current needs. For example, if you had small children when the pool was first installed you may want to get rid of the shallow end now they’re all grown up.

2. Who will be using your pool?
Who will be using your pool. Often, homeowners invest in pools for their children or grandchildren rather than themselves. If this is true in your case, think about what will make the pool a safe and fun space for them to enjoy. This might include the addition of a shallow end, a dedicated kids’ pool, safety covers or even a fence to keep them away from the water when you’re not watching. Alternatively, if you or your partner now have limited mobility or other specific needs, this is your opportunity to adapt the pool to suit your evolving lifestyles.

3. Would you like to prolong swim season?
Do you wish you could use your outdoor pool for longer? We recommend looking into solar covers, as they have the potential to extend your pool season by weeks or even months. A good solar cover can raise pool temperatures by up to 10 degrees on a sunny day, they also excel at preventing heat loss through evaporation. In addition, your swimming season can be extended even further by installing a telescopic outdoor pool enclosure, which will protect your pool from adverse weather conditions.

4. Choosing a contractor
Most importantly, make sure you choose a reliable, quality contractor to carry out the work. The contractor should have wide experience, proven projects and a portfolio of refurbishment  projects for you to view.  It is also worth asking for a client testimonial.

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool maintenance, servicing and refurbishment, so if you have a pool that’s in need of regular maintenance or a facelift, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice. If you have an older swimming pool that needs upgrading, we suggest planning your refurbishment for the autumn, so all the work is done and dusted before the next swimming season.

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