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24 October 2017
Tools everyone with a swimming pool should be using

The key to keeping your pool in great condition is proper maintenance. Whilst you should hire an expert to perform a regular service on your pool, smaller cleaning and upkeep is something you can do yourself. There are several extremely useful tools that every owner should invest in to make cleaning that much easier, in between a fortnightly or weekly servicing.

Pool Vacuums
Perhaps the most convenient of all cleaning solutions, a vacuum will keep your pool immaculate. They come in a variety of forms, suitable for every taste and style. Some float along the surface, suctioning up debris and other unwanted materials. For ultimate ease, you can even buy a crawling robot that will scrub the sides and floor of the pool at the same time as vacuuming. Left turned on, this automatic technology will keep your pool clean and aesthetically-appealing at all times.

Telescopic Poles
Hugely versatile, telescopic poles are a mainstay for every pool owner. Most good poles are able to extend to at least 15 feet, or 5 metres. This offers the ability to reach any part of the pool from the water's edge. Telescopic poles can be fitted with a variety of different heads, including nets, brushes and leaf skimmers. Even if you don't plan on maintaining the pool yourself, a handy telescopic pole is useful for outdoor pools, for fishing out debris when you're about to take a dip.

Leaf Traps
Used in conjunction with a vacuum head, a leaf trap will remove a great deal of plant matter from an outdoor pool so it never reaches the pump baskets. Think of it as the container for the material sucked up by the vacuum head. Yet, instead of being sucked into the skimmer, any leaves or solid debris is trapped inside the container. Leaf traps often come as ‘mess-free’ units that you can empty without ever having to pick out the wet and slimy leaves by hand.

Pool Nets
It might sound low-tech, but a good quality pool net should be in the arsenal of every pool owner. The fine mesh will allow users to remove the smallest of debris from pools, including leaves, bugs, sand, silt, pet hair and even pollen. By removing debris, you can help extend the lifespan of filters.

Pool Brushes
Another tool that can take advantage of your telescopic pole: pool brushes are a great cleaning tool, especially if your pool is outdoors. Brushing will take care of any algae build-up, including the light film that can develop on the sides of the pool. Depending on the type of pool you have, you can choose from a variety of bristle types. This includes stainless steel, man-made fibre or even plastic bristles.

Ultimately, it is effort and dedication that separates a clean pool from an unsightly one. Owners find that their pool demands at least two hours cleaning a week to ensure that it stays in great condition. Most decide that a regular, professional servicing is the perfect answer to their needs. That way, they know that not only will their pool be looked after, it will also be kept in pristine condition.

If you have more questions, consider asking your pool service technician for their recommendations and advice.

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