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25 November 2016
Waterfall choices for your pool

Water features can add an extra sparkle to your pool making it even more inviting, livelier, brighter and luxurious. There are many types of water features to choose from, whether for an indoor or outdoor pool, here we take a brief look at the options and give a few tips on maintaining a waterfall.

These are a great feature to add movement to the surface of the water, which when illuminated from underneath, can look quite magical. Bubblers typically sit on the pool floor and shoot jets of water upwards, which then fall back down over themselves onto the surface of the water, creating a wonderfully soothing effect. Bubble water features can also be installed on a ledge or step in the pool, meaning they’ll be closer to the surface, so they can produce a more dramatic geyser effect.

Pool surround jets
Having a jet that sprays water into the pool from the pool surround is a great way of creating fun for young swimmers. Kids will love chasing the stream of water, but at the same time, the continuous sound of the stream meeting the water can be calming. Remember; always supervise children when they are using the pool.

A sheetfall waterfall adds a real touch of glamour to a pool, while still being minimalist in design. They are created by a flattened spillway through which water streams, creating a sheet of water that spills into the pool. It makes a much gentler and more subtle sound than other types of waterfalls and can interact nicely with poolside lighting to create a real mood of luxury.

Water walls
If your pool is to be built right up against an outside wall, you could consider using the wall for the waterfall. This would be achieved by installing an outlet at the top of the wall and allowing the water to cascade down it into the pool. It can also be designed without the water cascading directly into the pool so that it is a self-contained water feature.

Sconces are wall-mounted sculptures, from which a stream of water pours into your pool. Having a sconce gives you the chance to have interesting art as part of your pool and can form a natural focal point for the indoor pool hall or outdoor pool area.

Rainfall curtains
A rainfall curtain makes a striking visual statement as a water feature for your pool that draws attention and can serve to accentuate the design of your pool. They are achieved by installing several streams of water from a beam over the pool, which creates a curtain of water. As well as looking great, they are especially good fun for young swimmers.

Laminar jets
These specialty jets produce a strong, bubble-free jet of water that have the appearance of glass tubes. They can be used to create rather surreal effects, and are a great feature if you’re looking for something unique.

Waterfall care
Whichever waterfall you choose, it’s essential that it is correctly maintained on a regular basis.  The constant flow of water can increase the humidity in an indoor pool hall and the pipes must be kept clean at all times – your pool service engineer can attend to both of these areas for you.  The waterfall should be run regularly - if you will be away from home for an extended period of time, it’s advisable to drain the waterfall completely and replenish the water when you’re ready to resume using it; this will ensure the water is always in good health!

At London Swimming Pool Company we specialise in swimming pool maintenance, servicing and refurbishment, so if you have a pool that’s in need of regular maintenance or a facelift, contact us for an initial discussion – there’s no substitute for expert advice. If you have an older swimming pool that needs upgrading, we suggest planning your refurbishment for the autumn, so all the work is done and dusted before the next swimming season.

Photo@ Berndorf Bäderbau Classic Range of Modular  Pool

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