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11 December 2020
Why it’s Important to Service Your Outdoor Pool in Winter

We love our outdoor pools. They provide us with so much fun during the spring and summer months and this year pools have been more vital than ever before given the need for us to stay at home much more than normal. The only downside of having an outdoor pool is the fact that it must remain closed for half of the year to protect it from the UK’s inclement weather.

April to September are very much the glory months for outdoor pool owners and this year, that  coincided with the first national lockdown. The second lockdown in November arrived at a time when the pool was almost certainly closed.  Whilst we were stuck indoors again many of us were perhaps gazing longingly at our pools, yearning for the day when we can ‘tear’ off the pool cover and start swimming again.  If you want that day to come sooner rather than later, you must not rest on your laurels and allow your pool to go untended.

Without regular winter servicing, water chemistry can become unbalanced and lead to lasting damage.  If left alone, when you finally come to re-open your pool in April next year, you could be met with a nasty surprise and a hefty maintenance bill. The fact is that winter is the time when pools are most vulnerable not only because of the weather but also because we tend to think it’s OK to stop servicing them.

Maintaining Perfect Balance
Water chemistry is deceptively complex but at its core, it’s all about sanitisation and oxidation. The colder climates of the winter might make it more difficult for algae to reproduce but it also has a major impact on the water balance.

Even if you take the pool cover off to have a look, the water will probably look fine. That is the trap so many of us fall into. You should be checking the chemical balance of your water at least once a week, making adjustments when necessary, and servicing should be undertaken  regularly throughout winter. By having services during the winter months, the pool will be healthier and can be re-opened much faster come spring. If the pool has been kept healthy throughout the winter months, the chances are it will cost less to do the re-opening service too.

Proactive Insurance
Think of it as an insurance policy for your pool. You might not be able to see the actual impact of your services beneath the winter pool cover (which will also need to be maintained and cleared of rain and snow when needed), but you are  making a significant investment in the future of your pool. You should not stop servicing as the winter thaws into spring either, as this is the perfect time for that dreaded algae to make a reappearance.

An increasingly popular practice for outdoor pool owners is to hire a local professional swimming pool company to monitor their pool during the winter months and take care of servicing and maintenance  requirements.  Winter servicing might seem like a luxury, but preventative action now will save you money and, most important, your pool will be in great shape for spring opening, allowing you and your family to start using the pool as soon as it’s warm.  The healthier your pool throughout the winter, the sooner you can start swimming in spring.

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