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Pool & Spa Tips

All swimming pools require a servicing, maintenance and refurbishment programme over their lifetime, in order to keep them looking attractive, healthy and safe for bathers. At London Swimming Pool Company we believe this works best when private pool owners and/or their property managers take care of basic elements of pool care with the back-up of regular service visits from a professional pool engineer.

Whether you're an ‘old hand’ who understands the basics or you've just acquired your pool, there is always more to know. To help, each month we will provide information that can help you get to grips with a range of pool care topics. Our helpful tips range from the all-important need to find the best pool engineer for your needs to spotting problems that could become detrimental to the health of the pool if left unchecked for a long period, so check back regularly to view our latest tips and advice. We hope you find our pool care tips helpful and welcome any feedback.

We specialise in all aspects of swimming pool maintenance in London, Surrey and the Home Counties so please contact us to request a no-obligation quotation.

5 Insights on How Your Pool Works

Pools work by using a combination of filtration and chemical treatment to constantly clean the water.  Pools have a motorised pump, a water filter, drains and a plumbing system to connect everything together and interact to ensure that the pool runs continuously and efficiently.

Different Types of Hot Tub: Which One Is Best for You?

The hot tub was once seen as a luxury item that was only enjoyed by the rich and famous - an extravagant expense that ‘regular folk’ could only enjoy on their summer holidays and at their local gym.

Pool Cover Tips

If you have an outdoor pool and you install a pool cover, but it will also keep your pool water free of debris (eg leaves, shrubs, dirt and insects) when it’s not in use. Not only will it keep the pool looking healthier, it will reduce maintenance costs and the amount of time spent clearing that debris from the pool.

Keep on top of Pool Maintenance

If you are new to pool ownership, it might not be the walk in the park you assumed. Private swimming pools are not one of those luxury purchases you can just forget about - they must be properly cared for all year round if you want to get the best out of them for many years to come.  The best way to ensure the pool is always in the best condition is to have it serviced regularly by a professional pool engineer.  Little and often servicing of the pool will provide maximum protection for your pool and your health!

5 Spot Checks to Detect a Leak in Your Pool

A leaking pool will not only lose a large volume of heated water, but it can cause structural damage to the pool and surrounding building. Follow these tips to spot and stop leaks before they do lasting damage.

Tips to Spot Pool Problems

Overlooking signs of wear and tear on a swimming pool will lead to a bigger problem if left unchecked.  That could lead to bigger repair costs, but more importantly, any problem with a pool should be attended to quickly for health and safety reasons. Here are 6 tips to help you spot and resolve problems to ensure your pool remains pool safe and beautiful.

Helpful Tips on Hiring a Professional Pool Servicing Engineer

It’s essential to have your pool maintained and cleaned professionally. Maintaining the correct water balance is vital for the health of bathers and the pool. Getting the water balance correct can be a tricky process so we recommend that you use an experienced professional - they are expert at keeping pool water safe, comfortable and corrosion free and will save you time and money in the long term. A poorly maintained pool will deteriorate quite quickly, so do make servicing a top priority.  Here is a check list to help you find a trustworthy pool service engineer and get the right service programme for your pool and spa: