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10 January 2016
A Shiny Future: LSPC Becomes an Official Partner of Berndorf Bäderbau

Berndorf Bäderbau, Europe’s premier stainless steel swimming pool manufacturer, has appointed London Swimming Pool Company (LSPC) as an official partner and will collaborate with LSPC on pool projects in London and the Home Counties.

With the popularity of stainless steel pools on the increase, this new partnership puts LSPC in a strong position to grow business by offering clients elegant bespoke stainless steel pools that are renowned for quality and durability.

Berndorf Bäderbau has been at the forefront of technological developments in stainless steel pools and has more than 50 years experience in the pool business.  During that time the company has worked alongside pool designers in Europe on the construction of 6,500 pools spanning 1million sq.m water surface.  Berndorf Bäderbau pools have a reputation for total reliability – pools are absolutely watertight and deliver optimum hygienic conditions thanks to optimal hydraulics.

Germany Röhrnbach, Wellnesshotel Jagdhof - A Berndorf Bäderbau Stainless Steel Swimming Pool

Jamie Smith, managing director at LSPC said: “Berndorf and LSPC share a passion for creating pools that exceed clients’ expectations.  Not only will we be able to access first class products, the Berndorf team will be working closely with our designers, the architects and their clients to achieve that goal. Berndorf will be bringing its considerable technical knowhow to projects, from the design stage through to installation.

“Stainless steel has inherent properties which make it ideal for pools, for example, it is lighter in weight than concrete so it’s particularly attractive for some installations and the build time is shorter, enabling clients to have their pool faster.  There are also cost benefits both in terms of the upfront investment in the pool and low running costs,” said Jamie.

The demand for stainless steel pools is being driven by reliability, sustainability concerns and flexibility.  Stainless steel pools can be designed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and there is an increasing trend towards long and narrow pools, often with wellness and relaxation features such as massage facilities and loungers being incorporated.

Berndorf Bäderbau Stainless Steel Private Pool

Stainless steel is used to enhance modern architectural solutions and it complements many other materials, especially glass.  But its use is not limited to contemporary settings – it can be fashioned to create a bridge between modernity and traditional/historical buildings.

There is heightened awareness of the environmental impacts arising from the use of various construction materials and stainless steel scores well on the sustainability front.  It is durable – it lasts for more than 50 years – is recyclable and does not contain additives, so no risk of pool water contamination. Also, stainless steel requires less cleaning and thus has a lower environmental impact.

Berndorf’s Business Development Manager Mag. Artur Rizvanov, summed up: “I love intelligent technology. I cherish the moment of amazement when our clients see the results of our work.  Working with London Swimming Pool Company will enable us to use our advanced pool technology to create more amazing pools for clients in the UK. A good swim needs a great pool.  We design, we build.  Clients enjoy it."

Photo copyright: (1) Masthead photo: Berndorf Bäderbau stainless steel private pool (Austria/Lower Austria)  (2) Top right hand photo: Berndorf Bäderbau stainless steel private pool (Germany/Bavaria)- Matthias Malpricht.

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