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London Swimming Pool Company
Unit 1, Shannon Commercial Centre
Beverley Way, New Malden, KT3 4PT
Tel 020 8605 1255

Registered in England No: 07274168
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Welcome to our Showcase of swimming pool and spa projects – many of which have won design awards. Here you can view a selection of case studies of private and commercial installations built by our sister company, LSPC Contracting, and cared for by our team of professional service and maintenance engineers.

As well as servicing and maintaining a wide range of pools (including those built by other contractors), LSPC Servicing also undertakes refurbishment of private and smaller-scale commercial contracts, and we are pleased to share some of these with you in our Showcase.

This is just a snapshot of our work because confidentiality is highly valued by our clientele, many of whom are public figures. We would be delighted to provide references from clients who will testify to our expertise, service ethic and attention to detail when caring for their pools and spas or undertaking a refurbishment project.

Our Showcase is divided into Private and Commercial pools with different pool categories so that you can easily find information on different types of pools. Should you have any questions or require further information, call 020 8605 1255 or email us at servicing@londonswimmingpools.com.

Private Pools

Explore the diversity of private pools we service and maintain in London and the suburbs – from a delightful bijou pool to innovative moving floor pools, through to a subterranean pool and wellness area with a spectacular spiral glass staircase. Click the links to find out more about the following pools:

Commercial Pools

We have extensive experience in servicing and maintaining commercial pools, tailoring programmes to suit individual requirements based on whether the pool is indoor or outdoor, its size, bather loads and frequency of use. A regular programme ensures that the pool always operates at peak performance and the longevity of the pool is assured. In this section you can read about the pools and spas we look after year in year out: